A term used by roleplayers when they want to say kill, but the chat filters will pick it up.
by Fffhjiiufgnjj April 12, 2016
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Dublin (Ireland) slang.

To finish off something, usually a smoke or drink. When there's only a sip or two left of Smirnoff and you want it you ask for ends. If a Rollie, fag, blunt etc is nearly finished but has one or two puffs left, ask for ends.
"Give us ends on that will ye?"
by Fannypack⁴ June 09, 2019
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You come are from tik tok. Your name is Wendy
You take the fist and last letter of your name.

Wendy is a pretty name for girls πŸ‘§
by Cat butterflies June 05, 2020
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You do Tik Tok. You barely have any followers. You have a rude sister and you want to die but you want to watch Korean Drama. Your real name is Wendy and your a idiot. Your the best at Math in your class.
Your a β€œend” person.
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