A true masterpiece by The Doors that can be about anything you want it to be whether if it is about depression, heartbreak, break up or divorce, insanity, pain, saying goodbye, death, moving to another place or state, life, ending a friendship or relationship with someone or a girl/guy you liked but will never get the chance with because neither one of them wanted to confess their feelings for that person and/or each other and will most likely end up a star under someone else’s sky unless they do whatever they can to find each other. Either way it is a great song that every single living individual should listen to.
This is The End beautiful friend! This is The End my only friend the end it hurts to set you free but you will never follow me! The End of laughter and soft lies. The End of nights we tried to die!
by Girls ❤️ shafts February 20, 2019
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A complete stop of every activity which you are currently involved in, usually leads to interesting disscussion about the topics on hand.
No, it's time for The End.
by nimpercent June 20, 2004
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Compensation, usually cash. Derived from the expression "making ends meet".
A Tribe Called Quest's Q-Tip from "Everything is Fair":

"She just got a Benz,
she rides with her friends,
gotta keep a beeper in her purse to make ends..."
by KCander October 5, 2006
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Derived from 'end' describing someone as very drunk - heard in and around Birmingham in England but might be more wide spread.
Bob: I'm getting ended tonight!
Jim: Yeah, let's get ended and pull some fit birds!
by V2 December 24, 2004
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The ultimate phrase to use in an arguement.
Roughly translated it asks the recipient to commit suicide.
"Yeah well I'm cooler than you," says person 1
"Yeah good one buddy, end it," says person 2
Sound of gun shot.
by Jack Diddly Squat December 12, 2003
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The 'would be' answer, for the question which is becoming more and more frequently asked without expecting a response:
"What is the world coming to?"
You step out of Tim Horton's with your best friend,
suddenly, you are mugged of your coffee.
Your friend turns to you as you stare in disbelief, and says:
"Wow, mugged for a coffee. What's the world coming to?"
you can reply:
"An end."
by Leonos May 25, 2006
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