1.a complete stop to a conversation

2.the description of a severe loss on one side of an argument or fight
1. A: i fucked your mum

2. What? rory would end devon in a fight!
by T.dott October 28, 2008
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The last bit of a can or bottle that you give to someone. also know as spits.
by Donal January 22, 2004
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a ting sarki crepses mans with for hitting places
sarki: lets bop sandwich ends enit
everyone: no
by M-a-n-s January 14, 2008
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Definition of Ends - The possibility of a future fuck with a female that is not your significant other....

It describes the act of using words (conversation) or playful physical touch (flirting) towards a female that you may want sleep with in the future.
Dude #1 "Ahh!! I saw you talking to that bitch yesterday"

Dude #2 "Yeah bro, I got to keep those Ends".

Also used as "Keep the Ends open"
by T JayBird January 13, 2005
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End, as in cock sex verb. to satisfy carnal desires (esp. strong, untamed) by engaging in the act of sexual intercourse, or penetration in general. To ejaculate or climax for the day.
"Getting his end away"
"I'm not gonna leave this party until I've got my end away"
by theAdonai May 13, 2019
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When in all caps (with or without context), it is an acronym for "Evil Never Dies". The phrase can date back to around 1800, but is used more commonly in the 21st century.
"Doomsday is approaching. This time the Christians will remember the Devil's Acronym: END."
by apͦcalypƨɘ March 02, 2019
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