This one chick is really getting on my nerves she's hardly got anything nice to say and battles terribly with jealousy or maybe she just wants to win whatever it's negative and very bad for your soul to always be so hateful.
If you keep hating like this you going to end up with cancer.
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by ... Zjdbckdnznsjd November 06, 2019
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In the sport of curling, the subsection of the game where both teams throw the same number of rocks (eight each in a standard game). Scoring only occurs at the conclusion of an end.
Are we playing eight or ten ends?
We're up one with the hammer with one end to play β€” we're sure to win!
Ferbey scored 4 in the sixth end, so Gushue shook hands.
by jazzace September 13, 2009
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Your real name is Wendy. You have Tik Tok but barely any followers. You have a cat and he/she’s fat. Your sister is an idiot but you at least will have entertainment. You want to die, but you like Korean Drama.
You act such like an β€œend” person!
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N; short for weekend.
"Hey, i take the end off, wanna chill?"

"I cant wait for the ends, school is so stressful"
by D-Gilly March 21, 2010
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To cut someone off; to make someone feel super stupid
Johnny: Man, that movie was sooo tight!
Bob: And...umm...that's fine...
Johnny: (pause)Damn dude, did you have to just "end" me like that?
Bob: (nods)
by Bri Harris March 14, 2007
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