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An adjective used to convey an idea of something becoming outdated or old. This is an expression that would constantly evolve and as technological advances are found, it is likely that the word "cell phone" could take its place.

Before the advent of Blackberries and cellphones we had beepers also known as pagers. These primitive devices allowed one to receive a call and be notified that someone was trying to reach them. The beeper would display the phone number that the person trying to reach you wanted to be called back at.

Beepers were an amazing excuse for lazy people. It was like a cell phone with a built-in excuse. Nowadays you miss a call, you know you gotta call the other person back cause the phone is obviously with you. WIth a beeper it was like, "Oh shit man, couldn't get in touch with you. Got the page but there wasn't a phone around and I didn't have change for the pay-phone. (Read, I don't want to talk to your freak ass)."
Tom: Molly never knows about all the new things the world comes up with.

Deshawn: Truf, man. She is some major beeper status when it comes to technology.
by SquirrellyNinja May 26, 2006
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sending two texts in a row without a reply inbetween.
Rachel: whats up?
Tessa: not to much! hbu?
Tessa: dude, i'm so bored.
Rachel: stop double texting me.
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The round bottom portion of the buttocks of a female that is seen when she wears short shorts or a swim suit.
I can see her beepers when she wears those daisy duke shorts.
by Ken Teal March 08, 2008
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An inexplicably and undefineably speedy person. They're very competitive in nature and are constantly making bets or challenges. Upbeat and energetic and always seem to sneak up and disappear without being seen or heard. Commonly referred to as a mouse or roadrunner and are normally small in stature yet surprisingly incredibly strong and powerful. Athletic, especially in aquatic or racing sports. Usually become antisocial when they are tired or grumpy.
Wow, where did she come from?
I dunno! She's definitly a beeper.
by Blackhole18 April 30, 2009
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A designated driver that puts their cell phone number on facebook or some other site like or so anyone who needs a ride to the bars or a party can call them. The driver usually charges about $2 per person in the vehicle.
Drunk Kid 1 - "Dude, when's the beeper coming?"

Drunk Kid 2 - "I called her 15 minutes ago, she'll be here any second"
by colliojulio March 29, 2011
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The "Beeper" is a nickname for an "Emergency Locator Transmitter" (ELT) which transmits homing signals on UHF/VHF Emergency frequencies, guiding rescue aircraft and/or ground rescue personnel to an aircraft crash site, or parachute location.
All U.S. registered civil aircraft are required to be equipped with Emergency Locator Transmitters, which automatically activate when crash forces exceed 9 Gs, and transmit a homing signal that can be tracked by special receivers. Most military fixed-wing aircraft have these ELTs installed as well, with the exception of certain fighter aircraft.

Fighters may crash several miles from the point of crew ejection, so the parachute or seat frame containing the "Beeper" device is ideal for locating the crew, rather than the airframe. Large tanker and cargo aircraft may contain jettisonable ELTs which are released by the crew prior to a crash, and are called "Crash Position Indicators" (CPI).
by David L. Baker March 13, 2008
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