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A bitchin rock band from the late 60s to the early 70s headed by lead vocalist- Jim Morrison, organist- Ray Manzarek, guitarist- Robby Krieger, and drummer- John Densmore. Only had two #1 singles which was Light My Fire and Hello, I Love You, but has mind-blowing tracks such as The End, When the Music’s Over, Love Her Madly, and Riders on the Storm and underrated tracks such as Summer’s Almost Gone, Waiting for the Sun, The Soft Parade, and Hyacinth House. Their popularity was ignited by rebellion as well. Also a great band to listen too while having sex with that special someone.
Me: Black Sabbath and The Doors are the two greatest bands of all time.

Morgan: The Beatles and The Rolling Stones are better.

Me: They are good too but they are for blowing your mind and as for The Doors, your mind is already gone. Furthermore, thats how better The Doors are.
by Girls ❤️ shafts May 22, 2019
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A true masterpiece by The Doors that can be about anything you want it to be whether if it is about depression, heartbreak, break up or divorce, insanity, pain, saying goodbye, death, moving to another place or state, life, ending a friendship or relationship with someone or a girl/guy you liked but will never get the chance with because neither one of them wanted to confess their feelings for that person and/or each other and will most likely end up a star under someone else’s sky unless they do whatever they can to find each other. Either way it is a great song that every single living individual should listen to.
This is The End beautiful friend! This is The End my only friend the end it hurts to set you free but you will never follow me! The End of laughter and soft lies. The End of nights we tried to die!
by Girls ❤️ shafts February 20, 2019
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A shitty social science major for pseudo-intellectuals whose mindset consists of what they hear and parrot from CNN and MSNBC all day and tools who think they are all that because they take sociological statistics which is nothing but a class that involves quantifying behavior and interactions using arbitrary number of policies needed to combat the number of societal issues. Basically the study of society, learning sociology and thinking from a sociological perspective is something anyone can do without having to take a class or have a degree. It’s a BS major that has made society worse than ever before and like every social sciences with the exception of economics, it should not involve statistics because the social world is variable. Sociology is the functionalist and insular version of anthropology, the mischief-maker version of psychology, and the subversive version of History.
Should I major in Sociology?

If you want to get midterm questions like who was responsible for the KKK movement? Then sociology is the perfect choice.

A. Conservatives

B. Republicans

C. Everyone who disagrees with a Liberal

D. All of the above
by Girls ❤️ shafts June 6, 2022
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A social science subject/major devoid of any intrigue or substance. It’s basically the insular version of Anthropology, the subversive version of History, and a shit fit version of psychology since it is a paroxysm of tantrums by radical commies or useful idiots who believe everyone who disagrees with them politically is a pressing social issue
Did you study sociology?



Because sociology is the study of what most people already know. It just takes experience and going outside to decipher it.
by Girls ❤️ shafts June 7, 2022
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A rapper who created the song Betrayed and hearing his songs sound like a chemistry project involving a dick and his mouth.
Andres: Do you know Lil Xan?

Me: Yeah don’t like him.

Andres: Why not?

Me: Hearing his songs makes Cardi B look like the next Eazy E.
by Girls ❤️ shafts June 5, 2019
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A QB for the Minnesota Vikings that is 5-26 against winning teams and states his catch phrase: “You Like That” meaning if his team likes losing or eating a jumbo sized peen following the loss.
Aaron: Kirk Cousins is good.

Me: If you say so!!
by Girls ❤️ shafts September 30, 2019
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The film shit thousands of lonely people watch every second when they should be going out and find themselves a girlfriend/boyfriend so they could get some.
Matt: Do you like porn?

Me: No.

Matt: Do you watch porn?

Me: Everyone watches it man!
by Girls ❤️ shafts February 20, 2019
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