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A stupid and crazy, but bitchin motherfucker in the iconic tv show Seinfeld who often stumbles on a regular basis, spits, speaks in multiple languages and unexpectedly acts radical whether if he is dancing or being stupid. He is seen regularly wearing a detective coat or a lobster or green collared shirt. He has money but nobody knows where he gets it from nor anybody knows his true profession and if he had a job.
Aaron: What is the best part about Seinfeld?

Me: Cosmo Kramer.

Aaron: Why?

Me: He’s got the elements of being stupid and bitchin.
by Girls ❤️ shafts July 19, 2019
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The weird and quirky character in The Middle. While he is an avid reader and very sophisticated, he is introverted, eats things that aren’t food, has a tendency to do his assignments at the last minute, and often whispers the very last word of his own sentence.
Axel: Who is Brick Heck?

Me: The youngest and weird kid in The Middle!!
by Girls ❤️ shafts December 8, 2019
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A term that is encouraged to say but some who hear the word take it as dangerous, offensive or against the law when it is really not.
Shayan: Why is saying no important?

Me: Because you need to care about your safety and not let others perceive you as vulnerable and the ability to brainwash you.
by Girls ❤️ shafts October 3, 2019
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A word often used by overdramatic, erotic, and shallow women who like to be the center of attention or to describe guys they don’t like for shallow reasons while not describing men who actually do or are fascinated by creepy shit. It is often a word that has been taken out of context countless amount of times, it basically has lost its meaning.
Sheryl: What do you make of this guy named Michael.

Bridgette: Sheryl, I will literally have nightmares if you talk or even mention Michael. Michael is so creepy. He would always stare at me in the Hallway when I was a Freshman in High School.
by Girls ❤️ shafts March 29, 2022
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A true masterpiece by The Doors that can be about anything you want it to be whether if it is about depression, heartbreak, break up or divorce, insanity, pain, saying goodbye, death, moving to another place or state, life, ending a friendship or relationship with someone or a girl/guy you liked but will never get the chance with because neither one of them wanted to confess their feelings for that person and/or each other and will most likely end up a star under someone else’s sky unless they do whatever they can to find each other. Either way it is a great song that every single living individual should listen to.
This is The End beautiful friend! This is The End my only friend the end it hurts to set you free but you will never follow me! The End of laughter and soft lies. The End of nights we tried to die!
by Girls ❤️ shafts February 20, 2019
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A QB for the Minnesota Vikings that is 5-26 against winning teams and states his catch phrase: “You Like That” meaning if his team likes losing or eating a jumbo sized peen following the loss.
Aaron: Kirk Cousins is good.

Me: If you say so!!
by Girls ❤️ shafts September 30, 2019
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A cheesy film that is more comedic than horrifying. Characters are boring or annoying, effects and screenwriting was utterly crap, and acting was subpar. Girl presses her cheeks against the window that has a dead corpse right in front of her screaming without moving, shark is still chasing skiers despite being less than a foot away, grenade explodes a thirty foot shark underwater, the shark breaks a control room window with just one pinch and gets stuck for some odd reason, technician was just treading water like he wanted to be eaten by the shark knowing the shark was there and was breathing under water when bitten like chips, Fitzroyce slides into a sharks mouth, gets crushed like a pancake to death without dropping the grenade in his hand that killed the shark eventually and feeling the sharks teeth despite still being in the sharks mouth and getting crushed. It is a movie that should not be playing on television or be sold.
Teacher: So what do you make of Jaws 3D

Students: It’s trash

Jaws 3D, a flawed film with a bad plot, bad screenwriting, and bad acting. The effects were unrealistic as well.
by Girls ❤️ shafts March 7, 2022
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