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Abbreviation of non binary tag for people who don't identify as male or female primarily.
That person does not identify as a man or woman but rather they are an enbie.
by LucyCharms June 29, 2018
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A really cute way to mean non binary or genderqueer or agender (basically neither male or female (trans or cis)
Yea we’re both enbies
This is my enbiefriend Alex
by Dannyonsaturn May 11, 2018
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A person playing make believe that there are more than two genders, and that their gender DEFINITELY isn't just a manifestation of their personality traits confused as a completely different gender.
Person 1: "Have you heard about enbies? Those transtrending idiots are everywhere nowadays.
Person 2: "Unfortunately, yes. They deligitimize the struggles of real trans people, and make them look like jokes."
Person 1: "It's truly a pity, isn't it?"
by 57489206893579381-5789 June 07, 2018
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