"Genderqueer" describes a category of gender that is neither traditionally "female" or "male." Many different, nontraditional gender identities fall under the umbrella term "genderqueer." Genderqueer individuals may identify as having a gender somewhere between female and male or, more commonly, out of the gender binary all together.

Unless told otherwise, polite pronouns for genderqueer individuals are the singular they and ze/hir pronouns. Most genderqueer individuals take offense being referred to as "it."
"Is Dakota a girl or a boy?" "They're genderqueer!"

"So, because she's genderqueer, it means she's a slut and sleeps with everyone, right?" "Haha, no. Genderqueer just means their gender identity. It has nothing to do with their sexual orientation."

"I'm a dude, so I don't really want to take home ec." "Dude, I'm genderqueer! I'll take whatever the hell I want and not worry about it."
by lydie22 August 16, 2011
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Genderqueer people are people whose gender is not exclusively male or female. A similar term is nonbinary.

While genderqueer could be an identity of itself, some common genders that fall under the genderqueer umbrella are: agender, bigender, genderfluid, androgyne, ambigender, and neutrois.
Genderqueer is usually seen as falling under the trans umbrella, and some genderqueer people will call themselves trans.
Fallon: You're mtf, right?
Skylar: No, I'm actually genderqueer.
by kyerowan January 17, 2014
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Genderqueer is both an umbrella term for some nonbinary genders and an identity in and of itself. The genderqueer identity is one that is neither male or female, but often has a combination of both masculinity and femininity and/or something distinctly other. A genderqueer person might consider themselves between binary genders or totally separate from them.
I'm a proud genderqueer activist.
by nikkimouseclub November 15, 2016
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Any position in a wide variety of gender identities, spanning the spectrum between male and female. A person who is Genderqueer is not transgendered, though the option is open to transition. Being genderqueer has no bearing on sexual identity or orientation.
Eli might have a woman's body, but ze doesn't feel like a woman or a man. Eli is genderqueer.
by LJVan August 23, 2006
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rejecting all sex whether male,female, to be referred to as just human
s/he prefers to not be called by any specific sex because s/he is genderqueer
by yink May 8, 2017
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genderqueer fits under the transgender category.
genderqueer means that u r a miscellaneous gender, w/ ur own personal pronouns. i prefer not to say 'made-up' pronouns or a 'created' gender b/c U didn't create those feelings. its when u feel like neither male or female, but u do feel like a specific gender. u get to name it whatever feels right! ❤️
genderqueer fren: "hey, guys? i um.. i'm genderqueer. my pronouns r ze/zir. i-is that ok w/ u?"
gud frens: "its ok!! we luv u for who u r & we will respecc u."
by meli lol July 25, 2020
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An umbrella term used for some non-binary people to describe their gender identity. This identity doesn't have to be particularly related to male or female, and can lie between the two or outside the strict gender binary altogether.

Being genderqueer doesn't automatically make you transgender, but you can still identify as both at the same time, as both are umbrella terms.
A: Hey, did you see Riley anywhere? I can't find her in her office.
B: Actually, Riley is genderqueer, and prefers they/them pronouns. Also, I think I saw them in the cafeteria.
A: Ah, my bad. Thanks!
by The Living Graveyard October 27, 2020
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