a leet ass bird renowned for stalking japanese tourists in the australian highlands.
Also well known for bitch smacking those emu-wannabe ostriches and amercan tourists that think all australians wrestle crocodiles and have a pet kangaroo.
american tourist1:'hahaha, lok at these primitive australian folk with their pet kangaroos and boomerangs. hahaha.'
emu:'fuckin bigidy bam!'
at1:' holy shit that damn walking bird just bitch smacked my ass!'
by ** August 18, 2003
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1. A large flightless bird that once kicked my arse. True story, happened at Alma Park Zoo in Brisbane, Australia. Very fucking nasty claws.
Me: "When i was 7 i got my arse handed to me by a 6 foot tall bird called an emu"

Random: "Thats awesome"

Me "What the hell is wrong with you, thats a pretty big bird attacking a pretty small person"

(awkward silence)
by Sloppies' Sasquatch July 30, 2006
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emus are going to take over the world.
by 1/3 jeff May 4, 2020
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emu is a type of bird. it lives in australia. it sticks it's head into the ground when it gets scared.
person 1: emu bird
person 2: ok
by shreggert February 18, 2021
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what my mom says when she means to say "emo"
Mom: Oh look sweetie is that an emu there?? look at his hair!
Me: No mom, i think you mean an emo
Mom: oh *giggles* ok
by meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee October 24, 2006
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A flightless bird belonging to a bird group called 'Ratites.' It is second tallest (next to the ostrich.) And is native to Australia.
I went to the zoo and saw an emu.
by emu1 August 4, 2003
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a male teenager who pretends to live the "Emo" lifestyle for the sole reason of meeting Emo girls.
Tim donned his Emu persona by wearing black and pretending to be sensitive, just to get the cute emo girl to go out with him.
by Ann_Hedonia October 6, 2008
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