Alma is literally the sweetest most kind hearted and loving person ever. she’s always there for you no matter what. she’ll always try to make you feel better whether it is by giving you encouraging advice or by just cracking up one of her many jokes. her personality and looks are ones anyone would fall for. she’s hilarious, kind, chill, and incredibly beautiful. she has such an outgoing and fun all round personality that you just have to love in a person. she has brown silky soft straight hair, beautiful brown eyes and a perfect face and body structure. she’s insecure of her looks and doubts herself at times but what she doesn’t know is that she’s absolutely gorgeous. she tends to overthink at times but thats only because she cares too much about her close friends and family. she’s extremely loyal to her friends and sometimes strangers too. don’t underestimate her because she will stand up for a friend if she needs to. she won’t tolerate fake people or people who are just plain annoying and rude. she can be overly apologetic at times but that’s only because as mentioned before, she has too much love in her heart for everyone. any person would be lucky to have alma as a friend, girlfriend, or just person in their life in general. you couldn’t ask for anyone better then alma. she’s like someone you’ve never met before.
Person 1: Oh my god! Alma is literally the sweetest person ever. she helped me have the courage to study and pass my finals!!
Person 2: really? whos alma?
Person 1: only the best person on earth. she’s super kind and compassionate and a hottie too!
Person 2: wow really? i’ve gotta be friends with her then! she sounds amazing!
by soft_angel December 17, 2019
Alma is very beautiful her eye are beautiful brown. But the thing is that if you mess with her she anit going to treat you the same. She has been thorough shit. But when you see her she seem like a bitch but she anit one. She will make you laugh when you're sad. She will have you back no matter what. She is very easy to talk. Just know that is you have a Alma in your live be lucky to have her. Just know that she will change your life. When you see her she is all was smiling or laughing. If you know an Alma just know that she will want to be your friend to. But if you call her a bitch at less try to get to know her.
Damnn Alma is cute
by AA2020 March 1, 2019
Alma the most beautiful girl with the most beautiful brown eyes. She loves food and loves listening to music. Falls for people easily. She is the most hilarious person. Loves to spend time with her parents.
by Pinche• KENIA April 25, 2018
Alma is the most amazing girl in the school. Everyone loves her. She is also a badass and people don't mess with her.
Alma just beat him up!
by UrBadOOf123456789 May 10, 2019
She is a very cute, thick, and loyal girl but she is shy she kinda a crazy but scare to fall in love and when she does and goes out with that guy they are gonna get married in the future and have a nice family they will love each other forever, and become the best family with no problems.
Guy 1: Hey have u heard of that girl Alma.
Guy 2: Yeah she is so cute I swear.
Guy 3: yeah I know I'm going out with her, and we love each other and we are gonna get married.
Guy 1: Damn bro u lucky to have her.
Guy 2: Yeah you she is so cute.
Guy 3: yeah I know
by Alma's Husband;) April 29, 2018
She is so energic and always happy.she borns from a lover perents.she has round face with a majic smile.
Alma:(a majic smile)
The man in front af her: a heart bit (he fall in love)
by Sara999 August 19, 2018
a very spontaneous girl who loves to listen to music! she is tall and gorgeous! she has beautiful brown eyes that you just want to sink in!!
by Krazy Kitty February 6, 2009