To take the back of your fist and knock the holy shit out of some one. Particularly to some one who is being a dumb shit or a douche.

Step 1- Pick a target.
Step 2- Close your fist.
Step 3- Pull back.
Step 4- Release all the strength and strike the bitch across the mouth!
Dude I just bitch smacked my dum ass neighbor. It was epic!
by yopimp January 14, 2012
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Is the act of a man ripping out his pubic hair and placing it in the palm of his hand followed by masterbating on said pubic hair in the palm of his hand. When the Pubic hair and Man gravy are mixed you smack the bitch in the face making the man gravy pubic hair mix stick to her face simulating a small beard.
I was doing this bitch doggy style and while she was cumming I gave her the Cuban Bearded Bitch Smack
by Azgru September 14, 2007
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