a. Sarcastic or exasperated state provoked by the expression of emo sentiments.

b. Mock-emo.
a. Stop it with the masturbating and crying--you're making me all emu.

b. Life just hasn't been worth living since Dashboard Confessional called me pathetic.
by bone February 07, 2004
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an emo person who doesn't cut themselves
Person 1: "God, you're so emo!!"
Person 2: "No I'm not. I don't cut myself."
Person 1: "I guess that makes you emu, right?"
Person 2: *sigh* "no one understands. I hate the world."
by emu_is_like_a_llama February 08, 2008
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cool. Orinated when Australian's discovered that the 80's Australian slang for cool grouse is an American bird, and the American representatives in the discussion suggested Emu as a suitable slang word for the smae meaning. Now popularized mainly in country New South Wales some areas of America
by Lebosi July 02, 2006
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Colloquial term used to define emo kids or any half goth half skater youngster talking about pain/suffering/pointlessness of existence etc. The definition also refers to the extra tight black/blue jeans worn by these emu's which are similar to the legs of an emu. The term emu is usually utilized by the elderly trying to complain about some new trend or another hanging in the bus stop with 2 liters of frosty jacks/white lightning cider
"Mavis look at those gosh darned hoodlums getting drunk in the bus station again, i hate these little emu kids. where are the parents these days ... smoking crack with lines of ket. oh dear oh dear ... when i was a boy never did see the like of these emu's" .. etc etc.
by Stejay/Tajwoo March 10, 2007
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1. a misspelling of EMO (self explanatory)

2. A misspelling of IMU, a hawaiian oven that you dig in your backyard and stick a pig in.
1. "Wow, those EMOs are fast"

2. "Eh Kimo, Who wen stuck da BABY in da IMU???"

fine then!!! EMU! (geshundheit)
by gwWaaarr!!!! March 30, 2006
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a bird that is used in the manufacure of slippers.

emu is a lame name given to people who were previously named emapoo by someone who usually goes by the name of julia.

they have really big eggs and can peck your eyes out.

the people whom are named emu can usually peck your eyes out too.
hey, is that made out of emu?

whoah those are some big emu eggs.

bob: a bird?
fred: no, the blonde in the corner!

hey emu, can you buy me another $80 worth of cookies? and while youre up there ill just sit down right here and drink your water bottle and use all of your chapstick.
by Emachu December 14, 2004
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