A doujin that will leave you on your hands and knees questioning your own morality and very validity as a human being
Person 1: So yesterday I read 177013
Person 2: What the fuck is wrong with you

Person 1: What do yo-
Person 2: No no no, get the fuck out of here. Delete my number. You sick fuck
by OtherBlackAfroMan September 24, 2020
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Metamorphosis (変身, Henshin), also published as Emergence, is a hentai manga written by American-Japanese mangaka Shindo L. Published between 2013 and 2016, it gained a following online for its grim and depressing storyline, becoming an Internet meme.

The manga is informally known as "177013" after its page number on the site nHentai.
Guy1: Hey dude I jacked off to 177013 yesterday!
Guy2: I don’t know who you are but stay the fuck away from me you sick freak
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holy fuck don't. it's a dou that left me actually crying at the end.
Guy1: hey I was on fakku and I saw this dou with a pretty hot cover, it was called like metamorphosis:177013 or something like that?
Guy2: don't fucking do that.
by shittoka November 29, 2019
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Just DON'T. A number used for searching in the nhentai website. It will hurt your mental state in countless ways and you will get depressed for weeks. Don't try to use it as fap material.
Guy1: I just jacked off to 177013.
Guy2: WTF! Get away from me!
by heLlO O0f October 9, 2020
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guy 1: i just read 177013 and im depressed now
guy 2: just read it backwards bro
by spkogdkg January 17, 2021
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Promise me that you will not read this hentai manga. It is so fucked up and you will regret reading it. If you jerk off to that shit then you should just be executed because you are then a monster that is plotting to fuck up this world so much. Trust me that shit is so fucked up like someone's uncle fucking her while she pregnant and she love it and she a fucking slut then she get fucked up by some people i think. I only watched like the end. She even died. She was pregnant. That shit was so fucked up like jesus christ.
Guy 1: Hey fellow fucked up anime weeb, what did you do?
Guy 2: Hey, i was going around nhentai.net and i found this manga with the numbers 177013 and it was so hot so i jacked off to it. The end was really great.
Guy 1: *Instantly awakens a unexplainable power that all normal people have so he can execute that messed up fuckmonster*
by TheManThatRegretted December 19, 2019
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