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Shelfieldacademy is a shit school in walsall. All of the year 11s smoke a joint in the alley and the roadmen smoke vapes in the toilet. Pe is like military camp and all the teachers are wankers who come from Aldridge
Mom: I think my son will go to shelfield

Mom 2: nah don't go there it's full of chavs and roadmen who will steal your shoes

Shelfield academy is a shithole
by ThePoseiden.1243 December 3, 2019
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Emerge is the cheaper version of lucozade you get round the side shop. Most of the time they will be in a roadmans pocket. It is normally 50p. The blue is shit. The green is shit. The purple and orange are BEAST
Emerge is an energy drink only level 3 roadmen are permitted to drink
by ThePoseiden.1243 December 3, 2019
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Walsall is a town is the west Midlands that is home to places like Blakenall and shelfield. It is one of the worst areas in England. Chavs and roadmen roam the streets stealing handbags from grannies and you'd be lucky if you see a man with a proper job as 3 quarters of the population practically live in the job centre
Hard working man: I might move to walsall

Hard working woman: no it's a shithole
Walsall is a right shithole. Don't go there
by ThePoseiden.1243 December 3, 2019
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