The lame new trend of clubs charging $500 for a $20 bottle of liquor, so that patrons think they are cool spending lots of money.
For VIP entrance to a club, you must order bottle service.
by Jake Q August 22, 2007
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there is a paid version of this and a free version of this, the free one usually gives u a trip to the hosipital
Jordan got free bottle service at Fever, which also entitled VIP seats at the nearest hospital
by S p e c i a l K June 2, 2009
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When you go down on a club owner in order to get bottle service.
We really wanted a table at the club luckily Jane got us bottle service.
by RtRev August 30, 2006
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How it starts is when some shallow mf in the club at the table next to yours says something about you being poor or something else stupid, you feel the need to "defend your honor." Basically, you order some expensive overpriced bottle to show them who's boss. Following that, they order something even more expensive or multiple bottles. Continue for multiple turns. Mainly really fake people do this, as it's just a vapid display of wealth

Also, you may be shocked to see the damage to your bank account as some people rack up bills in the 10s of thousands occasionally. Don't do it kids, not worth the cost.
Tyson: Hey your girl ugly and that Rolex looks like it's from canal street. Broke Ass

Jamal: Man fuck you and your booty haircut-Hey let's get two bottles of Grey goose up in here!

Tyson: Shit, lemme get a bottle of Dom P . Bottle Service War incoming (sigh)

(continue for 2-6 more rounds)
by TriBeCaBoy56 January 4, 2022
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A night out at the club that occurs on the night that a person's future husband or wife is having their bachelor/bachelorette party.
What weekend is she having her bachelorette party? We need to start planning his bottle service night.
by balvenie July 2, 2014
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