refering to person a object exbiting traits common to a repeat sex offender. Finding its root in the Washington State classification of convicted sex offenders released back into the population.
I van with no windows and a bed in the back could be referred to as being totally level 3. "Dude your uncle is one shady motherfucker that van he drives is totally level 3."
by Felonius Jenkins May 18, 2006
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there are 3 levels for hotness:
1: cold= ugly
2: tepid
like when a bitch is incredibly beautyfull and
"buoy check that ass... that's a propa level-3..."
by manolo September 29, 2006
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When you wanna move that special homie of yours that makes you feel some typa way up to the next level.
To put it simply, the levels of homie represent the levels of a relationship.
Homie level 2: dating
Homie level 3: engaged
Homie level 4: married
it is simple.
"hey, wanna be my homie level 2, 3, or 4? ;)"
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Also known as “Electrical Station”, Level 3 of the Backrooms is similar to Level 2, but with more brick work and more (dangerous) creatures.
Level 3 is not a place you want to stay in. Try and go to Level 4.
by MaybeARealWord January 12, 2022
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