refering to person a object exbiting traits common to a repeat sex offender. Finding its root in the Washington State classification of convicted sex offenders released back into the population.
I van with no windows and a bed in the back could be referred to as being totally level 3. "Dude your uncle is one shady motherfucker that van he drives is totally level 3."
by Felonius Jenkins May 19, 2006
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Also called electrical station, Level 3 of the Backrooms is comprised of highly dangerous, dimly lit hallways swarming with enemies.
Level 3 is worse than levels 0, 1, and 2.
by MaybeARealWord January 22, 2022
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there are 3 levels for hotness:
1: cold= ugly
2: tepid
like when a bitch is incredibly beautyfull and
"buoy check that ass... that's a propa level-3..."
by manolo September 29, 2006
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by I love hot moms xoxo August 4, 2023
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When you wanna move that special homie of yours that makes you feel some typa way up to the next level.
To put it simply, the levels of homie represent the levels of a relationship.
Homie level 2: dating
Homie level 3: engaged
Homie level 4: married
it is simple.
"hey, wanna be my homie level 2, 3, or 4? ;)"
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Let me translate this from bullshit to English for you “I am a sad dropout who has completely jacked their real job and career in so I can spend all taking picture and videos of my arse” These people, Tbf can be boys and girls but largely girls at this moment in time, are the absolute fakest people of all time and should be banned from social media. Not only do they have no interest in real training or fitness of any kind, but they have the audacity to post shitty inspirational messages about how you should be confident as you are whilst wearing leggings so far up their booty pipe that they can probably see the label every time they open their mouth to speak. Proper egotistical wankers.
Chloe/23/level 3 qualified PT
by Garry Scope June 28, 2023
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