E veryone
L ikes to
F uck
Y ou!

FOXY CHICK: Hi guys! Hey, John....


FOXY CHICK: Why do you guys like to call me ELFY?

JOHN: 'Cuz your cute like a little elf!

FOXY CHICK: Gee, thanx guys.

GUYS: You're welcome ELFY!
by Mike Bozdog June 19, 2006
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Beautiful inside and out. Generous and always ready to help. Sometimes she’s too nice and gets taken advantage of, but that doesn’t deter her from helping others. She’s been through a lot, but that’s why she’s so understanding of other people’s issues. She’s a great listener and cares dearly about her family. Family is everything. She’s successful in her job, gets what she has set her mind to and...have I mentioned how beautiful she is? She’s a great wife, mother, grandmother and friend. She deserves the world. If you have an Elfi in your life, you’re the luckiest person in the world.
My mother’s name is Elfi.”

Oh wow, you’re so lucky. Elfi’s are the best.”
by Parma67 January 27, 2019
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Hermey: Saw the photo of you and the Winter Warlock on Instagram. Who took it?
Buddy: Oh it was just the two of us there so I took an elfie.
by tmn-ucf December 4, 2013
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damn you have so many talents, you must be an elfie!
by ward69 July 27, 2021
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Being both handsome and beautiful at the same time.
You look so Elfie today!
by Hobie September 24, 2021
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Elfie is the kind of person who is very shy, slightly insecure and is only her truest self around her best friends. She gets asked out a lot, but turns everyone down even if she does like them back. She is scared of getting in a relationship too early and hurting others feelings
Him: Hey I asked Elfie out. She turned me down. I really thought we had something special
Other Him: Devo, mate
by ElfiCast October 17, 2021
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Ego. Ego. And ego.

Elfi is never wrong.
Dance whenever possible. Wherever possible.
"I'm always right. I'm an Elfi."

"Wow u're such an Elfi when u dance on stage!!!"
by Kiman January 25, 2014
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