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The up and down look one performs when checking out or scanning an attractive person, the action will usually linger over genitals or other body parts of interest briefly. Often the perpetrator will have a smirk or telling look giving away their intent as a way of flirting in a roundabout scumbag manner.

Elevatoring can occur facing the person or from behind but true elvatoring occurs face to face so that the victim is keenly aware of the occurrence.
Bob was fired for elevatoring his female coworkers whenever he was around them.
by rat253 July 26, 2008
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often in movies when two people (usually a male and female) are in an elevator together they suddenly become extreemly attracted to one another. their attraction is so intense that the situation becomes extreemly akward, untill finally the elevator ride ends with them unexpectedly makingout.
omg i just saw a movie where the two main characters totally had a elevatoring session!
by qwerty1234567890- June 01, 2010
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