Eleve is Selever' s name but remove the "S and the R" so I see your doing the remove the first and last letter of your name with selver
No sentence here because I can't think of a sentence regarding Eleve.
..that's my sentence
by D w e e b May 27, 2021
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A mixed cocktail of water and a cheap vodka. Usually the vodka is a cheap brand like Georgi or Barton's. Poor people, such as college students, will use this concoction as a means of getting drunk at the lowest possible cost. Additionally, elevators are a means of getting drunk while hydrating.
I can't afford craft beers, so i'm going to drink elevators tonight.
I drink elevators because they take me straight to the top
by DanTheMan#2 September 6, 2018
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A magic room. When you step inside the doors close. Soon you will have a strange feeling on your body as if you are being pushed. the doors then open up and you are in a different place!
I rode the elevator all day trying to figure out its secret.
by mynameisjonas123 December 6, 2009
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To be high
We got elevated last night with some dank shit
by Merc February 4, 2004
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A box that goes up and down. Run by pullies or a hydrolic piston, this magical machine can take you anywhere up and down.
I am going to ride the elevator!
The elevator is broken! Fix it please!
Someone is stuck in the elevator!
by a guy who loves elevators February 6, 2017
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A reference to smoking weed, or to get high. Smoking so much that you feel like you are on another level. Conjugating this word is extremely appropriate: elevating/smoking, elevated/high, elevator/bong/blunt/bowl,etc.
Dude, I had a rough day, I need to elevate, pass the bud.
by Hauz February 6, 2010
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The up and down look one performs when checking out or scanning an attractive person, the action will usually linger over genitals or other body parts of interest briefly. Often the perpetrator will have a smirk or telling look giving away their intent as a way of flirting in a roundabout scumbag manner.

Elevatoring can occur facing the person or from behind but true elvatoring occurs face to face so that the victim is keenly aware of the occurrence.
Bob was fired for elevatoring his female coworkers whenever he was around them.
by rat253 July 27, 2008
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