1. Good weed
2. Highly potent weed (chronic)
3. Good stuff (usually referring to weed)
4. Something awesome to the maxx
1. That is my favorite dank shit man.
2. Aw I hit that dank shit and I was gone.
3. Wow that's some dank shit right there.
4. Wow this store has some dank shit!
by SxktnKandi October 28, 2005
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1. Often referred to something good, usually better than average. Often an expression used to descibe the quality of Marijuana
2. A good, healthy literal shit.
Jon smoked the dank shit before seeing the show

Jon took a dank shit in the bathroom.
by Kyle Ramsey August 16, 2006
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Something that is extremely amazing or fucking awesome. Could be referring to a person, place or thing.
Melvin: Hey whos your wife?
Me: Jenna Stanton bitchhh.
Melvin: Oh real talk?
ME: Hellllll yeah. The bitch is dank shit!
by Alexazeeeez October 8, 2008
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After you smoke. You take a shit and it smells like marijuana
Yo I just had a major dank shit. Got me high all over again!
by questionman2468 November 25, 2016
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A bright neon ball that you'd find in the middle of a vegetable section in Walmart.
Yo man, I got that dank shit from Walmart, wanna go to the pitch tonight?
by Pixelasia December 16, 2018
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A quantity of marijuana that is extremely potent / smelly.
I'm smoking some dank ass shit tommorow.
by thegame2 December 3, 2009
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an extremely fine object, device, piece of culinary goodness. something to be savored as it is of the utmost in quality.
yo, joe, that's some dank ass shit you got.
by barbara szymcek September 21, 2006
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