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A girl usually English, who tends to be very smart. Brains and beauty are in combination with this name. 'Georgi' tends to be a name that stands for a very kind girl, one who has no trouble with popularity. Georgi can also be a nickname for boys named George. Both girl and boys named Georgi tend to be very athletically gifted and make friends very easily.
'Dude, check out that girl Georgi! She's so hot!'
'Yo, Georgi boy you want to play football after school?'
'Hey bro I think i'm going to ask that cute girl Georgi to the dance'
'I hear that new kid is a total Georgi'
by BrackstonBoii March 27, 2009
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The most famous Bulgarian name for boys. Usually used when kids are beautiful, smart and athletic.
"Sup Georgi wanna play basketball"

"Georgi help me solve this math problem"
by PSMLGPRO November 14, 2017
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A sexy mofo who lies about everything, especially his penis. Likes to lick people and have sex with cows.
Man 1: So then I won the game.
Man 2: Great story.
Georgis: My penis is like, a 24 inches long.
Man 1: Georgis, take your dick out of my cow!
Man 2: Damn that's small.
by Bruno K. January 11, 2006
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A very fimalting person who cannot stand criticism. Hobbies include liking pictures on instagram and watching movies with his mother.
S: Pick up the phone

G: I'm not in first grade
S: Stop being such a georgi
by ChèrepieN May 02, 2018
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Georgi is a smart athletic girl who laughs a lot. Georgi generally has bestfriends with unusual names I.e "Jade" or "Stephan". Georgi has general hobbies that include reading, sport, music and spending time with her friends.
Girl 1- "Hi Georgi, how are your saxophone classes going?"
Georgi- "Great Thanks"
by Itsjustmebrah February 26, 2017
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