1. An elastic loop of rubber that can be used for various things.
2. (Slang) A reference to a rubber band holding together a large amount of dollar bills.
1. Can you tie that bag with a rubber band?
2. Jay- "Those rims must of cost a lotta money."
Sean- "Yeah, for real. I had to pop a couple of rubber bands on them"
by Drepresent July 18, 2006
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Tire with a narrow sidewall. Useually for large rims. As wheels get bigger the tires on them have to get proportionally smaller to still fit in the wheel well. The tirm is useually used in refernce to tires on 20" and larger wheel sizes. You will here references to tires as "rubber bands" in rap songs.
That boy Jim is riding on some rubber bands.
by ME November 6, 2004
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A clear and obvious representation of "The Struggle", man. It is a symbol of give and take, and the recoiling effects of pressure.
"So why the rubber band? It representin' the struggle, man"
by Lavid Dincul July 13, 2004
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when a guy comes in a condom, takes it off and flings it into the girls face
After Johnny finished bagning the shit out of Anastasia he rubber banded that bitch.
by thesickfucks March 30, 2008
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A Thing that you can flick and shoot at people. FUN For All!
Rubber Band Wars are t3h best!!!!!
by Qwertoman February 28, 2005
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a thing you use to hold things such as posters on that circular shape while carrying it from one place to another
dude were is my rubber band
by Sarah June 5, 2004
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