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the ultimate result of typing across the keyboard backwards with 5 letters in between. i bet you also did this forwards and got to qdn. sorry but this direction works a little different. unfortunately the keyboard combinations will become indistinguishable from abbreviations starting at mhy :(

next stop: mlst. if no one creates it i will.
by bruhthisismyhandle August 18, 2021
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The message that pops up when you forget to include the word being defined in the example of how it's used in a sentence. This used to not be required.
This example should include the word being defined.
by bruhthisismyhandle August 19, 2021
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1. A sex move usually involving taking a dump on your partner, and then making a definition named "I hate this site".

2. Slang for weed.

3. A super duper ultra mega crazy good band.

4. False. Everything is sex and weed.
Person 1: yo, i just got the best i hate this site ever!1

Person 2: can i get some of that weed??

Person 1: what? im talking about the sex move.

Person 3: You're both wrong. I hate this site was a super awesome amazing band club that started with a banger song! It all began in the late middle of 2021, when...

Person 1 & 2: shut up thot!!!
by bruhthisismyhandle August 16, 2021
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The second best character in The Henry Stickmin Collection. Loyal, but will betray you in a certain ending as payback if you leave her behind.
"Ellie Rose will remember that."
by bruhthisismyhandle September 18, 2021
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A fictional fountain that makes you younger the longer you stay. Also when a show is running out of ideas.
I cummed into the fountain of youth and now it's all gone :(
by bruhthisismyhandle September 11, 2021
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