Slang for Asian cock.

You’re the only Asian kid in class and every other kid starts speaking Engrish to mock Asians and you. A hot, cute girl walks up to you and demands an eggroll, because ‘all Asians know how to make eggrolls.’
Laney: “where is my eggroll, Chang?”
Chang: “Right here.” (Unzips, drops pants and whips out his eggroll)
Laney: “Oh my god, Chang! It’s huge! I-I’m sorry! L-Let’s meet up after school.”
by Giant Golden Cock January 24, 2020
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A form of catcalling that discreetly disguises the words "Hey gurl" into the word "Eggroll!!!" Most of the time girls don't get it and almost every time they smile, so it's a good way to get the self esteem up.
Eric totally saw this mondo babe walk by from our porch and he goes, "Eggroll!!!!". The girl didn't really understand, but she smiled.
by JC aka OchoCinco July 08, 2009
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The Eggroll is a process in which a Chinese person is tied up, placed in a sleeping bag, and subsequently rolled down a hill and/or mountain.
(Note: If an authentic Chinaman is unable to be found, a person of another race may be used in its place under the condition that said person is made to look Chinese. The person’s eyes must be held back in order to recreate the characteristic “slanty eye” appearance. Any adhesive may be used to accomplish this, but to achieve a more accurate Chinese likeness, packing tape is recommended due to its transparent nature.)
The Chinese food delivery man is 20 minutes late. If he doesn’t show up really soon, I’m going to Eggroll him.
by frush July 05, 2009
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A huge bluntwrap made of 5 different types of marijuana. Typically made of Grandaddy Purple, Orange California Sunshine, White Widow, Grape Ape, and Green Pimp.
by Rockiroad June 25, 2006
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'To go eggroll' is to go crazy/mad at/for a reason/object/person. Literally means 'nuts'
'I went absolutely Eggroll on urbandictionary last night!'
by Machman January 26, 2009
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To beat someones ass chinese style.

The type of battle you would fear if Lee Wung Chow Nong was involved.
Lee Wung Chow Nong - "I will give you a double dragon whammy little boy"

White Boy - "Shut the hell up, Don't make me go eggroll on your ass!"

Lee Wung Chow Nong - *Attacks white boy eggroll style*

White Boy - *Judo Chop*

Lee Wung Chow Nong - *Dies*
by Eggroll Fred November 11, 2006
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An eggroll is when you are talking to someone, and the second you say goodbye and they turn around, you get a huge eyeful of NECK FAT!!!! Shaped in eggroll form. Usually found in fat black men.

Adam was telling me goodbye, and when he turned around all I could do was salivate to the thought of the delicious eggroll that was serving as eye candy to me.

If only Jamal was asian and not black, the fleshy eggroll would make a lot more sense.
by Salt shaka July 15, 2008
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