Smart , funny ,and, intelligent guy with a great sense of humour.
Oh that guy is such an Abdul.
by Kinddux January 14, 2021
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A male which is a master of sex and is generally honest,tempered,happy and violent. He is able to pleasure in the best of ways and will ask you questions none will ever ask.
girl1: hey i met a realy nice guy yesterday
girl2:he must be an abdul!
by Thedicktionary April 29, 2013
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Her: It's so big
Him: You gonna suck it
Her: Alright Abdul
by Her_big_daddy December 1, 2016
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A very chill savage nigga, like chicken nuggets usually. Very strong as well, this nigga is awesome.
Abdul is a nigga
Nigga nigga nigga 100% nigga that song was made for Abdul
Knock knock, who's there, no life, no life who, no life Abdul
Damn Abdul loves brownies
by Truth/123 March 18, 2017
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My mans a brown giraffe who has been hitting the gym, also my man plays next level shit on his pc, this man is the dopest/stupidest piece of shit to live so he’s funny but is also is clever , also has some big tings in some places, is love by all but is always underestimated by the mandem, over all the friend you need, but just don’t mess with his temper he will beat the shit out of you and is always lit everywhere
You see that dopey hench giraffe, that’s abdul, shits gunna get lit now
by Simontheman January 31, 2019
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Abdul is a guy who is very funny and has a nice bod but the females won’t admit it. He also plays AAA and is probably the best console builder out there don’t @ me. Kat likes him and he knows it but she won’t admit it, and also a bunch of girls won’t too. Ryan and Adam is his nibbas and him and Robbie could say, never mind. But yeah he dropped a nuke on bo3 and went 102-11 in safeguard. He’s also dropped 100+ kills in a game 2 other times as well. But yeah if u ever meet and abdul don’t pass up on him, chances are every girl is after him and u have a decent chance if your name is bat or rat or bat but like a baseball bat...and other names that rhyme with those. But yeah gg in the chat I guess.
Oh my god he makes me wet, he’s such an abdul *says a very attractive female*
by Simon is a fag August 14, 2018
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horny, bloodlust person; leader of harem, sometimes called Merah
Abdul looks a little bloodlust today
by 8 year old kid April 16, 2021
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