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Nice and always kind, Abduls will ask you how your day went. They will kiss you when it's bad or give a brohug when you look down. Ultimately they are awesome. They'll make you smile. Guarantee, broseidon.
I met this great guy...
An Abdul?
Oooh, girl! Good stuff.
by Laryn-baby October 12, 2010
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A male which is a master of sex and is generally honest,tempered,happy and violent. He is able to pleasure in the best of ways and will ask you questions none will ever ask.
girl1: hey i met a realy nice guy yesterday
girl2:he must be an abdul!
by Thedicktionary April 29, 2013
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Abdul is a guy who is very funny and has a nice bod but the females won’t admit it. He also plays AAA and is probably the best console builder out there don’t @ me. Kat likes him and he knows it but she won’t admit it, and also a bunch of girls won’t too. Ryan and Adam is his nibbas and him and Robbie could say, never mind. But yeah he dropped a nuke on bo3 and went 102-11 in safeguard. He’s also dropped 100+ kills in a game 2 other times as well. But yeah if u ever meet and abdul don’t pass up on him, chances are every girl is after him and u have a decent chance if your name is bat or rat or bat but like a baseball bat...and other names that rhyme with those. But yeah gg in the chat I guess.
Oh my god he makes me wet, he’s such an abdul *says a very attractive female*
by Simon is a fag August 14, 2018
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A very chill savage nigga, like chicken nuggets usually. Very strong as well, this nigga is awesome.
Abdul is a nigga
Nigga nigga nigga 100% nigga that song was made for Abdul
Knock knock, who's there, no life, no life who, no life Abdul
Damn Abdul loves brownies
by Truth/123 March 17, 2017
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