the best best thing every happen to mankind....soo cute and dumb at the same time
eggie u dumbass.......what a cutie...
by laoshu June 23, 2004
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A white person who hangs out with primarily asian people. White on the outside, yellow on the inside. The antipode of the infamous twinkie.
Dude, call up the eggie, we need someone to pick up the fried rice.
by Jewf December 27, 2005
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She is so nice and sweet and cares a lot for people. Loves herself and others. Really pretty and thiccc. She is very fun and energetic but still can't run. She does love eggs if your wondering. Everyone loves her because she is just a ray of sunshine. She has so many friends and will be with you when you need her. If you have an eggie you better not disappoint her cause she is the best thing that could ever be created
"Your so cute, you remind me of eggie"
by don'tbelikedatmyguy December 21, 2018
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When someone is being annoying, giving you dirty looks or is simply being rude for no reason, you call them 'eggy'.
Teacher: *says assignment*
Me: what do we have to do?
Matilda: ugh Zoe you should've listened
Me: can you stop being so eggy

Me: Lillian I really like your jumper where is it from?
Lillian: Zoe it's sold out you're never going to get it so don't even try.

Me: Why are you so eggy?
by Zozini_the_genie December 13, 2016
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Eggy is when something annoys you, but not to the point of anger more just frustrating. Also when you meet a person and they're a bit strange... say like Mr Bean or Alan Partridge, these people are "Eggy"
Me: I burnt my toast.
Bird: Eggy
by Christophe October 25, 2004
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When someone identifies as edgy, but their personality is actually soft, much like an egg that has been scrambled or hard boiled.
Person 1: These black ripped jeans make me look so edgy.
Person 2: Dude, the other day you freaked out over a two month old puppy, you're eggy, not edgy.
by wildflowerhowell July 06, 2017
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A funny, imaginary topic used as a joke to annoy people into thinking it is a real word.
"Fuck this for a game of Eggy!"
by KoalaBread April 20, 2015
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