one who wears "X's" on both of their hands, to signify that one neither drinks nor smokes. Started in California, where we’ve got more bounce, it’s used as an unspoken message to people in a club, specifically nightclubs. As to say: “Hey! I’m ‘clean’ & 'edge' so I don’t drink or do X… so don’t offer.”
1.) Boy #1: (holding up a 6 pack) Hey bro, you chill?
Boy #2: Naw, I’m edge. (holds up hands with "X's" on them) But thanks.
by That boy, Timmy October 23, 2006
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When a man is performing oral sex on another man and then stops right when the guy is about to cum.
Steve: oh yeah Koeppen keep suckin my dick I'm just about to cum. Hey Koeppen, what the hell, why did you stop
Koeppen: Sorry man I had to EDGE you. I want to savor your juicy dong.
Steve: Dude don't EDGE me, Just finish me off and ill let you suck it again after you swallow my big ol load.
Koeppen: Sweet man, I sure do love your cock
by Jimmy magina December 08, 2016
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Something real, something that makes people stare and not blink.
1.Your system never crushes.....

2.oh boy, this one right here is the edge!
by the-operator June 30, 2010
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Stoner:"Hey man, you wanna hit this bong?"

sXe: "No way. I'm so edge. No drugs, or alcohol."

Stoner: "Alright man, thats chill."
by dude December 18, 2004
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An anti-social person with no real friends, only online acquaintances. He pretends to possess the knowledge to "hack" but in reality can barely run a computer. He is obsessed with Macs, even though he runs on Windows. He has zero self-confidence, but hides that fact through a combination of bravado, arrogance, and just plain meanness.
That guy is so edge, nobody believes his BS.

That guy is edge. Nobody likes him.
by mememe123 December 08, 2004
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Edge is the moniker that WWE wrestler Adam Copeland uses. He is known for betraying his friends by fucking their girlfriends.
Edge is feces.

WWE Fan #1: Did you hear that that scumbag Edge got Matt Hardy fired?
WWE Fan #2: Yeah, I hate that low-life piece of Feces.
by Bhester Version 1.0 April 21, 2005
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Originating from the term Straightedge, edge people do not consume mind altering substances. (This can include Caffeine, Alcohol, Drugs and promiscuous sex) Lots of people who are Edge show this by putting 'x's on their hands.
Person 1: Yo man are you edge.
Person 2: Yeah man, true till death.
by anti-hero November 06, 2004
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