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for a few guys (usually friends) to take turns having sex with a particular girl in one sexual session
by lisagirl April 07, 2003
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When two (or more) males engage in sex with the same person. Although the term originates from a form of wrestling that involves hand slapping a team mate to switch positions, the actual hand slapping may not always be present during sex tag teaming. However, the idea of switching positions during times of low physical or mental energy remains one of the primary traits of sex tag teaming--therefore distinguishing it from other subcategories of group sex.
"Wow. You and I totally tag teamed that bitch last night! Wanna do it again this weekend?"
by Bibliophile92 February 16, 2013
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designating or having to do with a form of professional wrestling in which two-member teams compete, with teammates alternating in the ring
Macho Man and the Hulk, though excellent individual professional wrestlers, were an impressive tag team that made short work of their opponents.
by saskie Q April 24, 2011
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When multiple guys have sex with a girl and tags another guy when a break is needed
Eric:Yo Kev tag me, I need a break!!!!

Kev:alright. I am coming. I love to tag team!!!!
by Eric Fiasco April 15, 2008
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Someone who partakes in having sex with multiple men, but at different times. When one gets tired of having sex with the chick, the other tags the hand of the next dude, and the cycle continues. Typically takes place in a tent.
Dude, we should totally tag team that chick in your backyard later.
by Willard2010 November 15, 2010
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v - To take a shit together with a partner or more, each in different stalls.

Rules to tagteaming:
1. You must have a partner
2. You must sit together and can't leave the restroom until everybody has finished.
3. You must have fun with it. (Examples: Yell extensively while pushing, record a friend doing it, throw your wipes at your partner, etc.)
4. Wash your hands.
Guy 1 - Aye that burrito's kicking in, you tryna tagteam?

Guy 2 - Yeah bruh, I've been needing to go all day!
by ChubbsHeemsAndTagteams October 28, 2010
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