Interjection used on Citizens Band radio as a way to call or attract listeners, either anyone who wil respond or a particular CB user. The CBer says "Breaker" and then releases his microphone, listening to see if anyone answers. Often repeated, i.e., "Breaker breaker."
"Breaker, breaker, this is the Big Duck, is anyone out there tonight?"

"Breaker Speed Queen, you got the Big Duck here."
by Spider Joe December 11, 2009
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Person whose cerebral palsy or similar condition makes him or her move and walk in jerks and twists, thus appearing to be break-dancing.
By extension, any person with a motor disability or exceedingly clumsy.
"So who's that Apa" guy?
"He's the breaker always hanging out in the mall"
"Poor guy"
by GermanQR September 7, 2005
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radio: air waves, ether, on air
He switched on his CB rig. "Let's see who's on the breaker tonight."
by Marty July 17, 2004
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damn mang that guy is a saVage ass breaker
by Anonymous September 2, 2003
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A calm man who's only movement is forward. A man who wont be held back by walls and troubles. Usually quiet but very ruthless. Most Breakers are Scorpios.
Guy 1 - Why is he always so quiet and angry looking?
Guy 2- You never herd? Hes a Breaker...
Guy 1 - Wow.
by The Will Of... May 15, 2010
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descriptor. A thing or person (preferably used towards women) that is exceptional
"Them gash is breakers" (Those girls are extremely good looking
by K&D April 19, 2006
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A slang work defined as a person who acts to “break” cultural and social injustices by breaking the container that holds them. A person who protest against the status quo. A person who offers reasoned judgment or analysis against the
Everyone knew Deb was a gender breaker.
by halrez June 22, 2012
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