An WWE Canadian Superstar, he started his career in 1985. His real name is Adam Copeland. He forms a Tag Team along Christian(his partner) named "The true Night Warriors".He is famous with his unique stongest move called "Ultimate Spear".
Edge gave a knock out to Kurt Angle with his powerful "Ultimate Spear".
by Samurai Katsu September 02, 2003
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The leader of www.battlereports.com/forum
his voice leads the people, as a shepard leads his flock.
by ed-je May 29, 2003
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Used by Southern Oklahoma teens to describe something hardcore.
Dan - "MAN! Bam Margera is so edge!"
Me - "You're retarded."
Dan - "You're such a rebel! You're edge!"
by Keram September 24, 2005
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The kids who followed the values of Straight Edge
Kid: Yo dude, look at that Edge kid over there. I don't think he has any friends.

Other Kid: Why does he have x's on his hands?
by Freak Face May 03, 2005
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