Nickname of Montreal's vast underground city (largest in the world).
When we were in Montreal, we walked around the Reso for hours – shopping and eating – without going above ground.
by bobtheman October 15, 2013
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also referred to as a blowfish; big head.
John: "Hey Jack, look there's a reso in the lake.

Jack: "Wow, it's body so small but head so big!"
by anthonyjondoe1111 November 11, 2014
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Restaurant lingo, Short for Reservation Bomb.

The act of intentionally making a fake or false reservation at a (usually competing) restaurant in order to disrupt or cause a loss of business from having to turn away customers because of tables held vacant in anticipation of a (usually large) party that will never show up.
That's the third large party no-show tonight... I think we're getting reso-bombed.


The place down the street is always busier that we are. We ought to Reso-bomb them and try to get a slice of their business.
by Scansinboy October 19, 2010
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1) When a delegate at a model united nations conference is unwilling or too lazy to write a resolution of their own but instead walks around endlessly looking for other groups to invade

2) Anyone unwilling to write their own ideas down so the find a group looking for sponsers of a resolution and once said group is found takes over while never inputting any ideas
MUN delegate 1- hey do you need another sponser? ive got some good ideas....
MUN delegate 2- yeah sure! so what do you think?
MUN delegate 1- well i actually have nothing to input but since you put me down im just going to take over and do all of the talking ok?
MUN delegate 2- ew your a Model UN reso hopper.... loser
by leftfootin January 14, 2013
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