Russian word means "Fuck".
Any times uses in the same situation like "Pizdets".
1.Oh man!! I forgot my money in home!!! ebat!!!

2.I bought a new car. Ebat, its so good!!

3.I'm gonna ebat her tomorrow.
by Janeba April 9, 2007
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A Gangsta that rapes old men, and stalks handicapped people for fun.
Jeez dood dont be such an Ebat
by EHNhaXXor April 3, 2006
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A joke made about a person being a master debator. If one than says take away the D and well see who you really are, and some smart ass realises it does not create a real word.
andrew, ebator is not a word!
by Anonymous196 March 17, 2010
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This is russian word.

This word is rude and use it in society intidable people are not worth it.
This word is used in two cases: 1. When something strange and understandable happens
,such as the word blyat. 2.Using this word for the place of words: have sex, fuck.
Example№1: Ebat'Fuck,blyat, what's going on here ?!

Example№2: Do you want ebat'sya? Do you want to have sex
by Bloodu December 19, 2018
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Ebat' (ебать in Russian). It means fuck. Literally
Ebat'! I forgot my homework at home (ебать ! Я забыл домашнее задание)
by TheRussianOfUD November 19, 2021
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a man that has his mic about 3mm from his mouse and 4 feet away from his mouth
that guy can be a real ebates sometimes
by peepeeman2012 January 3, 2021
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