when you make a shot in there face playing basketball
i made a shot right in jeremys face an i told him eat that eat that
by DaGrandmaster June 18, 2005
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Words used to ask where the food is at.
The host of a party was asked by one of the guests, " Where's the eats ?".
by jpg3 December 22, 2013
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A taunting phrase insinuating that a person has no choice but to accept an unfortunate fact. Similar to deal with it, suck it, or in your face. Usually used to add emphasis to an instance when one intends for the other person to get served.
Ryan: "Sup gangsta."
Steve: "Not too much, chief. Say, I have a little tidbit of news that might interest you."
Ryan: "What is it?"
Steve: "Well, last night, I banged your mom."
Ryan: "Oh yeah? Well my mom's a total slut, so eat that! She's such a slut that when someone yells 'hoedown' she jumps on the floor! Yeah, in your face!"
Steve: "Telling a jo mama joke about your own mom does not in any way redeem you, nor does it change the fact that I porked her. I believe you got served."
by Nicholas D December 22, 2011
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1)chewing food...than swallowing it is one definition
2)or basically lick someone's vagina
1)I eat at wendy's.
2)I got to eat Wendy.
by ugh_so_nasty June 11, 2003
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Slang heard in rap/hip-hop music to indicate success in one's life, e.g. the figurative opposite of starving.
Jay Z: "And I'm eating, so much I bought extra, so much so that dinner's now turned into breakfast..."

Kanye West: "And I'm eating, but I'm still thirsty..."
by slickpoo May 26, 2010
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to fall completely onto your face
Man, I was runnin from the cops last night, tripped on a stick, and completely ate it
by nellysgrl January 23, 2005
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