1. A small portion of something, usually a delicious food
2. A peice of gossip
3. A li'l bitch
1. This tidbit of caviar is exquisite
2. Did you hear the tidbit from Tina?
3. Yo man! Git up off my tidbits, bi-atch!
by D-Vo January 19, 2006
A term used by gay people for a small amount of something.
"Are you gay?"

-"A tidbit"
by The dude who mooed March 1, 2009
Tidbitting is a term that refers to the action of injecting a tidbit of relevant information into a conversation for the purpose of giving the appearance that s/he is well versed in the subject matter when in reality s/he is not.

To successfully tidbit (verb) the tidbitter should not inject anything more than necessary in to the conversation in order to not reveal his/her actual lack of knowledge.
Ray: Canvas is an Online Learning Management System the values form over function. Blackboard is not as pretty but is much more configurable.

Dave: "Yes, I’ve observed the limitations of Canvas also. It seems to be designed for instructors with a low technical skill level."

Janet (Tidbitting): "Have you checked out blah blah blah (some tidbit) in the latest release?"

Ray: "Wow, Janet! You are really up on this stuff aren't you?"

Janet, gloating: "Well, I've been working with it quite a bit in various beta tests and have assisted in the design as well." Hey, I need to run along now but we'll talk later." (So as to avoid any questioning that may reveal her actual lack of knowledge.
by MostlyLikeItIs September 26, 2013
Bits or morsels of food.

The cutest girl ever.
I gave some of the tidbits to the puppy.

Tidbits joined mah sororitay!
by csplash December 19, 2009
A unit of measurement meaning "little"
"Hey Brian, I think I'm a tidbit autistic."
"Well fuck. I might have to put you out of your misery"
"Son of a bitch clyde"
by OL_Sloth92 March 25, 2021
- A short girl. Usually around 5 feet tall or so and weighing from 90lbs to 110lbs. Hair is usually dyed crazy colors.

- A girl who dates guys who are a foot taller than them.
Eric: Hey, did you see Ben and his tidbit?
John: Yea, that chick is hot!
by Science Smith October 12, 2005
Also known as: his Bitchness, the Bitch of all Bitches, and Bitchmaster.
I'm going down to the corner to collect from all my TidBits ! ! !

also: Tidbit Betta have my money....
by Derek Lee September 23, 2003