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1. A small portion of something, usually a delicious food
2. A peice of gossip
3. A li'l bitch
1. This tidbit of caviar is exquisite
2. Did you hear the tidbit from Tina?
3. Yo man! Git up off my tidbits, bi-atch!
by D-Vo January 19, 2006
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A small, often valuable piece of information.
Thanks for that technical tid bit, now i shoudl be able to make my linux box boot up!
by Goner September 22, 2004
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Bits or morsels of food.

The cutest girl ever.
I gave some of the tidbits to the puppy.

Tidbits joined mah sororitay!
by csplash December 19, 2009
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- A short girl. Usually around 5 feet tall or so and weighing from 90lbs to 110lbs. Hair is usually dyed crazy colors.

- A girl who dates guys who are a foot taller than them.
Eric: Hey, did you see Ben and his tidbit?
John: Yea, that chick is hot!
by Science Smith October 11, 2005
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Also known as: his Bitchness, the Bitch of all Bitches, and Bitchmaster.
I'm going down to the corner to collect from all my TidBits ! ! !

also: Tidbit Betta have my money....
by Derek Lee September 23, 2003
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