Eastman is to dick slap someone so hard they are unconscious
Last night I eastman'd julia and she didnt wake up.
by handjalina jobie January 07, 2012
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of the large predominent group of homosepians, god has granted them with the gift to be the best, or at least near the top. either a sexy man pudding, or a woman angel cake, they are sweet, sugary, and of every kind of goodness in this earth, or possibly on mars if there is life.
Wow, you are the most amazing person ever, your such an Eastman.
Who said nobody can be perfect? eastmans are.
by cashmoneytheflowthugstar March 23, 2008
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When you accidentally see up the shorts of a friend who isn't wearing underwear.
I looked up as Rick was rappeling down the cliff and got eastmaned.
by mzampino May 22, 2016
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The most awesome beard you will have ever laid eyes upon.
In a sentence 'Oh man, that guy has an awesome Dale Eastman around his
by Anoosey November 22, 2013
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Founder of Kodak. Ironically hated having his picture taken.
see above "George Eastman"
by julyjr1103 December 08, 2008
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Frazer Ryan Eastman is a guy who is weird, derpy, and he makes up songs in Skype conversations...

Basically he's a weirdy.
What the hell is that Frazer Ryan Eastman doing????
by HiFrazer December 02, 2011
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The Suburb of Rochester New York known as Gates
Yo let's go to Dirty Eastman to get some coke and hookers
by pookymcbiddles January 05, 2021
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