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The only thing that'd ever be on top of you (because it doesnt have much of a choice-). Is usually made with a fairly soft material so you can sleep comfy, while knowing perfectly well that no one is in the bed with you because you're lonely :)
Chez: is nathan gonna be sharing your bed tonight?
Parrott: nope, just my duvet, its so sad :(
by Random_pasta November 5, 2020
A member of the LGBT+ army.
Often gay or trans. Often referred to as queer
Chez: are you straight?
Parrott: no way! I am tlws!
by Random_pasta November 13, 2019
An alcoholic, usually addicted to tequila. Being stupid is in their nature and they love working out speed limits. You may find them following a holy judith as they are also known as Judithians, or Judiths disciples.
Chez: are you religious?
Parrott: yes, i am a tlws!
Chez: you are a Judithian?
Parrott: of course!
by Random_pasta November 13, 2019
The only thing thatll ever get turned on and wet because of you :D
Parrott: wow you are soaked!
Chez: yea my one true love got wet on my face!
Parrott: who?
Chez: umm... my shower head
by Random_pasta November 5, 2020
The thing you turn into when you think its a good idea to take a mouthful of your drink while at your friends house and they make you laugh- making you spit your salivated drink all over their kitchen floor and pool table
Parrott: *takes drink*
Chez: *says something funny*
Parrott: *spits drink everywhere*
Chez: oh my God, youre such a sploot
by Random_pasta November 5, 2020
A lil angel that seems innocent to everyone but is actually very kinky and just wants to be choked while being tied up.
You can tell that they are a dirty annowre
by Random_pasta August 15, 2020