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A Matheo is a type of person who is obsessed with soccer and will never not think about it. He is also the type of person who is funny, in a weird or dumb way. Matheo is also someone who you share lots of memories with.
Remember when we played soccer with Matheo.
by Mittens January 26, 2018
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What EMF can turn into a meat and potatoes feast for a her whole family in chaboogamoo with one flick of her cain. The guy in the eoc and in the clean room at the depot must soon have a viande and switch their soups de jour, because the soup at the depot is only broth to begins avec.
Whats the soup of the daze/dejour?
Just cream?
Well it was homard chowder but EMF has already served herself for todays and fries days
by Mittens March 09, 2005
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An error in a structured system. It is usually applied to electrical and computer systems.
The electrical grid has developed a glitch
by Mittens November 11, 2003
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One of the most boring towns in Eastern Pennsylvania. Filled with 'Gangstas' Skaters and idiots. The school system is terrible, as is most of the community. Mostly due to the influx of New Yorkers who consider this to be the 'country'. The school's are almost filled completely with Skaters, Preps, and idiot ghetto 'thugs'. 95% of them are morons.
Please, do yourself a favor, avoid Stroudsburg at all costs. Really.
by Mittens June 11, 2004
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2)Any person who takes as much pride in their red hair as Daniel Magil
by Mittens August 07, 2003
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A quilt used in place of a bedspread or topsheet. Often is down-filled, and commmon in northern European countries.
by Mittens November 12, 2003
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