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A large fruit enjoyed in asian cultures. Only those those who will brave the foul odor and dangerous spines are worthy to enjoy the repulsive slime contained within.

Eating of durian may be more of a badge of cultural identity than nutrition; in this respect, it shares company with Marmite, Lutefisk, Spam, and Poutine.
What insane person would flavor perfectly good bean-cake with durian?!
by phildonnia June 14, 2004
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A thinly veiled metaphor, masquerading as a fruit. It's slimy, it smells funny, it grosses you out the first time, but then you swear it's the greatest thing ever... you see where this is going, right?
A: So, you having some durian tonight?
B: Eww!
C: Leave the kid alone, he's not into durian yet.
by CalamariSplat December 14, 2005
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this fruit smells like feet,gasoline,and fart mixed togeather... the first time u eat it.. it tastes HORRIBLE. most however are lured back to the smelly fruit for some odd reason and become addicted
this durian smells like my ass but it tastes amazing
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1. An oval-shaped yellow-coloured creamy-textured fruit, native to Southeast Asia. It is said that durians "smell like Hell but taste like Heaven".

2. Another name for Esplanade: Theatres on the Bay. (singapore)
It doesn't taste THAT awful...Try durian ice-cream!
by hiddy April 17, 2006
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A fruit covered in spines ranging from 1cm to 2cm long. Dirty green husk with a creamy yellow fruit inside. The thick husk can only be hacked open with a machete. Usually enjoyed in South East Asian countries like Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand of which the 'D24' variety are considered most delicious.

The durian is considered the King of all fruits in South East Asia.

However, the durian is a fruit that you either love or really hate. Those who hate its aroma/ stench have described it as "smells like straight ass", a rather apt description for this amazing fruit.

fruit machete husk Singapore Malaysia Thailand D24 durian South East Asia straight ass
That durian attacked me with its spines and if that wasn't enough, when we did open it up, it invaded my nostrils.

I love durian.
by Ez3quiel January 15, 2013
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A spiny purple fruit that literally smells like turpentine, sweaty gym sock, and goat shit.
I have always joked about the odor, never having experienced it. The last trip to Malaysia, my hotel housekeeper left a durian treat for me and my Malaysian girlfriend. She gobbled it right up. I gagged and ordered her to brush her teeth before she was allowed near me. I had to seal the uneaten durian in one of the cupboards to avoid the odor.
by Durian Hater April 08, 2009
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This awesome fruit that has spikes all over it and smells bad but tastes good.
"That durian smells like poo."
by Goobix March 12, 2005
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