A thin volatile essential oil, C10H16, obtained by steam distillation or other means from the wood or exudate of certain pine trees and used as a paint thinner, solvent, and medicinally as a liniment.

The sticky mixture of resin and volatile oil from which turpentine is distilled.

A brownish-yellow resinous liquid obtained from the terebinth.
oil of turpentine, spirit of turpentine
by blacksaibot October 24, 2005
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Adj. 1) The state of being superior to items of a similar nature.
Noun. 1) An item of particularly superior quality which enable it to dominate over other items of a similar but inferior nature.
Adj. 1) It was turpentine when I busted that 180 kickflip the other day.
Noun. 1) The taco is the straight turpentine my home skizzle.
by dfn_doe & Samurai Lincoln April 11, 2004
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The evangelical preacher was an inveterate thief and a serial child molester. Still. the application of a little moral turpentine assured his place in Heaven. He was always careful to pray extra hard after what he'd call an incident.
by Pbaddy August 22, 2009
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Term used by people of the Southern persuasion to identify something moving at a pace that borders on the supernatural. First seen in the 1920's when a group of men rubbed a cat's cinnamon ring with a dried out corncob until it was raw, and then wiped it with a rag soaked in turpentine. Can be used interchangeably with raped ape
I was doin my girl, and when my friends started the rodeo dat hizzo took off like a turpentine cat.
by bob44 February 9, 2005
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The fresh monkey turpentine excited the children who eagerly yearned for a white Christmas.
by caitmar December 25, 2009
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