The Southeast quadrant of Washington, DC. A place of decent homes and rampad crime. A place where you can purchase weed and get a head job all for under $50.

See "Soufeast".
Yo, I am going to Soufeast to pick me up some weed.

See "Soufeast".
by 12 Gauge to the Membrane December 30, 2004
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Between South and East, diametrically opposite North West on a compass.
Camper 1: Dude, we're so heading Southeast!
Camper 2: Rock on!
by Sir H4x May 19, 2003
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The worst area of any city, anywhere.
I live in southeast.

by Angelacia June 20, 2007
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Located in the worst part of Bradenton, Florida (Samoset) Southeast high is a pretty shitty school considering how many of the students dropout or blaze it like wiz kalifa
Dude I just scored some dank bud from Southeast High
by Shitty_Cities September 11, 2018
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The ghetto school in FL where all they have is lockdowns, fights and cooties 🤣🤣🤣
You go to Southeast High? Imagine 😭
by nuggetx September 3, 2021
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Contrary to popular belief, northern England is no better then the south. Many people see the north of England as the deep south of the USA, south east England can be seen as the California. It's a sunny warm place the people are quite laid back and just go with the flow. They also love to have a good time, house parties, you name it. Quite a wild place, The south coast is made up of many beaches, sandy or stony and the people love to spend most of their free time there, southeast England is a wonderful place.
Southeast England should be visited at least once is your lifetime.
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A dangerous neighborhood in the Southeast of Houston Texas
A : Say Homeboy, where you from?
B : Southeast Broadway Wassup
A : Respect, Real Gs over there
by CatchThem'Z June 23, 2019
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