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actually spelled as 1 word (drunkslut), a girl that is usually attractive and preppy and really stuck up during the week. but once friday night comes, she's totally drunk and will have sex w/ anybody before passing out and puking/pissing on herself
the drunkslut (drunk slut) ignored me all week but on friday she fucked me since she had done 5 shots
by Takinabreakistan December 07, 2005
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That fatal clown car accident made me lolsob-- clown cars are funny but my best friend was driving.
by duenna9 October 12, 2009
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A drunk slut is a woman who enjoys drinking too much and then gets horny and will let any man or group of men fuck her all night. She likes to dress sexy in short skirts and tiny tops that show off her tits. It doesnt matter if she is married, she will let anyone take her home or into an empty room to do anything he wants.
Kathy is a 54 year old Drunk Slut. She loves to go to to bars or parties dressed like a whore and as soon she she gets buzzed she feels her pussy get wet. Last Saturday she went to a bar wearing a tiny mini dress that showed off her 36c tits and her sexy married ass. After a few drinks she danced with a young college boy. She started grinding her body against him and he grabbed her ass as they danced.
Kathy could feel her dress pulled up over her thighs and knew everyone could see her exposed ass.
The boy led her to the bathroom and she let him fuck her against the wall. He filled her shaved pussy with cum and then had his friends fuck her like a slut. She went home with 5 loads of jizz dripping from her pussy and ass.
by btld January 02, 2008
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a girl who is pretty attractive, but her hotness is ruined by the fact taht whenever you see her in public she is too drunk to function and is smashed beyond uselessness. she often becomes the object of all jokes but, being the drunk slut she is, does not realize it which creates fun for everyone
Guy 1: Hey i saw megan higgins last night.
Guy 2: Was she passed out face down in some gutter?
Guy 1: Yea, what a drunk slut!!
by doesnt matter January 04, 2004
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chicks that you hook up with at a party. applies to any hot girl thats drinking at said party.
by Anonymous May 07, 2003
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A hot chick who likes to get drunk, sex, flirt, and is open minded. Doesn't necessarily cheat, but always shows off her tits.
Girl #1: "Let's get drunk and have a foursome with our husbands."

Girl #2: "You're such a drunk slut. OK."
by ThisBitch88 March 27, 2012
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is someone who likes to cheat on her boyfriends with other guys.
by BC Troll October 24, 2003
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