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The favorite article of clothing for a true slut. A mini skirt allows easy access to the sluts pussy and ass.
often the slut won't even wear panties.
Last night Kathy wore her shortest mini skirt to a college bar. Even though shes 54 years old she has sexy legs and a great ass. She got wet letting the young men peek up her skirt at her bald pussy and tight ass. She ended up letting 3 different college boys fuck her right in the rest room. She begged them to use her married cunt and ass and to fill her with hot cum. They called her a slut and whore as they took turns lifting her skirt and pumping into her tight dirty fuckholes.
by btld September 19, 2007
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A woman who loves to have men shoot load after load of hot cum all over her body. She will beg men to give her what she needs.
Kathy is such a fuckin cum slut. She let 7 different man cum on and in her at the party. It was all over her face and tits and she still wanted more.
by btld August 10, 2007
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Ass Fucking is a favorite of dirty sluts. A true whore often prefers being fucked in the ass over having a cock in her little wet pussy. She likes to bend over, lift her skirt and beg a man to shove his dick up her tight asshole. She will beg for it hard and moan as she feels his cock ram into her ass. After the man cums in her ass she will often suck his cock as his jizz drips from her ass.
Kathy loves a good, hard, dirty ass fuck. I heard her talking to her friend on the phone. She said she had let 2 of her coworkers fuck her ass just the day before. Kathy said "I bent over and begged for it. One of them made me suck him while the other pumped my poor asshole. They kept calling me a slut and I rubbed my clit while they took turns fucking my ass and face. They both shot huge loads of cum inside me then left me with jizz dripping from my ass. They were right, I am a dirty slut"
by btld August 18, 2007
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A mom fuck is the woman in the neighborhood who is willing to let anyone fuck her when her husband is away. She doesnt care if her kids are home or not. She enjoys showing off her body in skimpy, slutty clothes and lets men do anything they want to her, anytime. She'll answer the door in almost nothing or naked and let whoever is there in to fuck her.
Kathy is the neighborhood mom fuck. She loves getting her mouth, pussy, and ass stuffed whenever possible. Everyone knows that when her husband is away on business that she's available for anything. Men walking their dogs stop by for a quick fuck. Kathy just smiles and asks them what they would like to do. She bends over or lies back n spreads her legs or starts bouncing on his hard cock. If her kids are home she just sends them upstairs or outside for a few minutes.
by btld October 19, 2007
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The town pump is the woman in a given neighborhood who is willing to let any man fuck her at anytime. She is often married and doesnt care what the man looks like, or his age, she will let him use her slutty body.
Kathy is our neighborhood's town pump. She lets an average of 20 to 30 men fuck her every month. Sometimes 2 or 3 men line up at her door waiting their turn to fill her slutty body with cum. She just answers her door wearing sexy mini skirts or even naked and lets them do whatever they want. Her kids are used to hearing Kathy begging to be fucked harder from her bedroom. Sometimes they even see her bent over in the living room letting one of the neighbors use one of her dirty fuckholes.
by btld January 31, 2008
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A slut mom is a married woman, at least 40, who gets off dressing sexy and being a slut for her son's friends, or daughter's boyfriends. She loves to wear as little as possible and let them see her tits and ass. Then as she gets drunk she will let them fuck her.
Kathy is a true slut mom. Whenever her son has friends over she always wears mini skirts with no panties, never wears a bra, and sometimes even wears a tiny thong bikini or see thru lingerie. At her sons graduation party she wore her shortest mini skirt that let the young men see her sexy ass and a cut off tee shirt that showed off her perky tits. As the day wore on she let them feel her up and flashed them every chance she got. She ended up letting all them use her married pussy in her bed room.
by btld September 27, 2007
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An ass whore loves getting fucked in her tight little ass. Sometimes she likes it even more than in her wet cunt. She is often married and doesnt care whos cock is pumping her dirty ass. She never says no to a hot hard cock in her ass.
Kathy is a total ass whore. She is 54 now and married but has loved letting men fuck her sexy ass since she was 17 when her uncle started pumping her in her asshole so he wouldnt get her pregnant. She loves the feeling of a hard cock sliding deep in her tight ass as she rubs her clit and begs whoever is fucking her to do her harder.
by btld November 17, 2007
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