A mythical creature resembling a reptile. Usually huge and ridiculously powerful; often flies or spits fire and/or venom out of its mouth. May be benevolent or pure evil; usually depends on what part of the world the legend is coming from.

People often like to roleplay these creatures online.
"I have a plastic dragon on top of my monitor."
by Qit January 21, 2004
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a girl that you would have sex with but never enter into a full-fledged relationship with

You have to slay a couple of dragons before you find your princess!
in business terms: in HR- A benefits specialist with no hope of promotion

Matt: "Joe, you slay that dragon yet?"
Joe: "No dude, she wants to be my girlfriend!"

Hey, you want to go dragon slaying tonight?
No, I already slew one today and then threw her out!
by connorsji January 22, 2009
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used to describe things which are awesome.

see also: the shit, the tits, the balls
<guy#1> dude, check out this flamethrower i just made
<guy#2> holy shit man, that's totally dragons
by bogsnarth August 11, 2006
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A large lizard who's only weakness is medieval swords
I tried to shoot the dragon, but the bullets just bounced off, so i just poked him with my iron sword instead.
by Xtreme2252 September 15, 2009
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V. The act of raising your hands over your head while vomiting in an attempt to imitate a fire-breathing dragon. This is usually done while extremely intoxicated and makes for a hilarious scene.
1. Uhhhh, all that beer and Taco Bell made me sick; I think I am going to dragon.

2. Dude, I just dragoned off the balcony. Now, where's my beer?
by T without PoPo or seanf April 06, 2011
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A slang term refering to people of Asian ancestry. The term comes from the fringe belief that Asians are the result of dragon/human interbreeding eons ago. These human/dragon hybrids (aka Asians, or simply dragons) have evolved to be impervious to lung cancer regardless of how heavily they smoke since they have dorment fire breathing genes. Also modern day human/dragon hybrids possess the ability to fly however no non-dragon has ever witnessed that feat first hand. This is the ancient Chinese secret everyone refers to.
I thought I was going to fail math; luckily my study partner is a dragon. Apparently calculus comes to them just as naturally as breathing fire.
by dragonluver69 November 25, 2006
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dranky Dragons are member of the female sex, only to be used for slaying and other sexual purposes. Rated by your friends as under a "5". Often found lurking in grimey dance bars/clubs and the like. A man shall only pickup a dragon under the following circumstances: a) It is 17 minutes before the bar closes. b) Said man has drank more alcoholic beverages then one can count on 3 hands. c) Man has not had sexual intercourse in more than 4 weeks
"If I ever decide to slay a dragon again, can you guys slap me first?"
by Moximus August 04, 2006
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