When you nut inside her mouth and she's breathing hard and you can smell your kids through her mouth
Dude I just smelled her fire breathing last night.
by MistaBooboo 7S January 2, 2016
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someone whos breath is so nasty when they talk you can feel the heat of their breath.
yo get your fire breath outa my face, talk to me when you brush your teeth.
by PyroPivot September 18, 2010
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when you are cumming in a girl's pussy and she randomly has her period and backfires your cum onto your cock, ruining a perfectly good and well earned orgasm.
Hey mom! I was about to get my bitch pregnant when she went all fire breathing manatee on my penis.
by Professor Pussyfart November 23, 2010
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A vagina that gives the best sex until after the orgasm. It then proceeds to shoot fire out of itself and burn away any of your manhood.
I was just done fucking her when her pussy started shooting out fire. Now i'm a she.
by schlumpmaster October 25, 2003
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immmediately following ejaculation during oral sex, a man covers a womans mouth and punches her in the stomach, causing the ejaculate to be expelled through the nasal passage. it appears that she has magically transformed into a medieval beast. this is only to be performed by brave knights. (see also: smoking dragons breath)
"hey sean. what's that mess on the wall?" "oh that. last night i slayed a fire breathing dragon on the couch."
by sean_517 August 6, 2006
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When you suck a guys dick right after chugging a bottle of hot sauce.
Jason: Fuck, that crazy bitch Cayla gave me a fire breathing dragon Saturday night and my dick is still burning.
by JasonMulan123 February 28, 2012
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A fire breathing dragon is if when receiving oral sex, at the point of orgasm, the man grabs the back of the person's head and jams it down causing the person to choke, and hopefully, the semen will make it's way up the nasal passage and out of the person's nose. This is a fire breathing dragon.
I accidentally gave my significant other a fire breathing dragon when she started gagging on my load, and it came out of her nose! It was hot.
by Vs Robot May 3, 2006
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