The act of blowing air into ones anus and forcing that air back out.
Bro, I went to a foreign strip club and they were performing the fearsome raspberry on stage!

"Chris likes it when I perform the fearsome raspberry more than anything else."
by livelaughandBRO June 9, 2016
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An intense case of oral sex that is so portent that it causes either of the partners (usually the female) to become pregnant. It's most common in parts of Connecticut.
Got a fearsome blowjob and now i have to pay child support.
by udcolby August 12, 2012
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Exotic and erotic majestic looking group of women who choose to dominate extreme and intense situations by snapping there fingers, they can inflict fear among there peers and look hot while doing it.
"damn look at that fearsome foursome, they can make funerals look hot !"
"holy shit pablo one of the women in fearsome foursome just looked at me and i shat myself !"
by joe spooge December 17, 2009
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1. A man who makes up in style and cunning for what he lacks in brute strength.

Taken from the fox who is the smallest of the canine family so he applies cunning to survive in the wild.
"Jimmy's not the biggest guy on the team, but he's a Fearsome Fox"
by FrankieFox October 6, 2017
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a great group of four pretty duels who just want to have fun. they each have their flaws but they don’t notice eachothers and spend time wrapped up in their own. none of them know how no one else notices them either. they only notice the beauty within
girl: *sees fearsome foursome* “i wish i was as pretty as them, they all seem so cool and nice and act like sisters
by materialgirl.periodt April 22, 2022
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The most handsome man on earth. The last man with a great dinosaur cock to walk the earth. This man will destroy any bitch that is lucky enough to be given the honour of being shagged by Mr. Fearsome.

A fighting, killing machine... I said MACHINE! If you get in his way you will be pounded to a bloody stump and then bbq'd and fed to rats. Your family will also be killed for fun afterwards. dont fuck around with this guy, he's dangerous beyond measure.

Also, a true genius, ask him any question. he will have the answer and if you disagree and think you know better chances are you are wrong beyond measure so dont even bother

Submit to the will of Phil
Julie: Oh my god, did you see that godzilla movie?

Sue: Yeah but Phil-Fearsome would kick his ass and then screw all the bitches in that movie and me and you too... to death!! what a legend!

Julie: Yeah... i wish!
by God - even i fear him! February 4, 2010
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