Fire-breathing creatures with large bat-like wings, scaly bodies, four legs, and a head, sometimes two. Thought to be around since dinosaur times.
Me:Dragons are real!!! I saw one yesterday when I was drunk!!!
by BLOODY REVENGE July 03, 2005
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when some chick is giving you a bj and you push her head right down onto your dick just as you shoot, and your dick is so far in her mouth the spunk comes out of her nose.
"Dude, the other day this girl I know sneezed, and some white stuff came out. She must have been dragonned!"

"Man, this chick was so ungrateful when I dragonned her, she hocked it back up and spat it in my eye!"
by St George January 09, 2005
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When you inhale sooo much weed at one time that when you breathe out, nothing but thick smoke and ash comes out - much like a dragon.
O god he just did a dragon!!!
by Degenerate-Joe May 03, 2007
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a very homely un-kept woman that looks as if she is in her 40's and has really bad teeth. This woman will also be on all kinds of drugs, so many that they are unmeasuarable on a tox screen. The bad teeth of this smelly creature is also used as a weapon against its enemys. the way she does this is by breaking her teeth off using a tongue method that she has learned from years on the street and many years of liking toaster ovens clean. she is also bitchy all the time and has moving warts on her face.
person 1 :hey did you see that woman?

person 2: you mean that homely un-kept thing?

person 1: yeah that thing

person 2: yes they call them dragons, they are very well known for carying diseases and biting off toaster oven nob thingys.
by cervic June 19, 2011
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n. A Drag Queen. A man who impersonates a female for the entertainment of others.
I went to the gay club and there were Dragons and trade everywhere.
by Xing Shuay June 06, 2009
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