"Just because dragons ain't on the map anymore don't mean they aren't their."
by Redact3dRedact3d July 06, 2016
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Dumpster sluts. You must slay these before you can move on to the princesses
Ryan: Dude, I can't believe she let you do that, that's disgusting

John: Yeah, you know how it is slaying dragons, then I went back over to Michelle's
by YouknowIrep thiscity813 June 17, 2010
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a very homely un-kept woman that looks as if she is in her 40's and has really bad teeth. This woman will also be on all kinds of drugs, so many that they are unmeasuarable on a tox screen. The bad teeth of this smelly creature is also used as a weapon against its enemys. the way she does this is by breaking her teeth off using a tongue method that she has learned from years on the street and many years of liking toaster ovens clean. she is also bitchy all the time and has moving warts on her face.
person 1 :hey did you see that woman?

person 2: you mean that homely un-kept thing?

person 1: yeah that thing

person 2: yes they call them dragons, they are very well known for carying diseases and biting off toaster oven nob thingys.
by cervic June 19, 2011
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1. An attractive woman at a party whom a male desires to have relations with that same night, with no intention of ever calling, seeing, or conversing with again;

2. A women who – upon first impression (a) is willing to have drunken, dirty, emotionless, sex and (b) has at least one STD in which you will undoubtedly receive upon participating in (a);

3. The act of engaging in intercourse with said woman is known as "Slaying the Dragon", the male who does this is known as a "Dragon Slayer".
Friends at a party:
Man #1: “Broseph, I’m going to slay that dragon tonight.”
Man #2: “Nice, slay her with you sword.”
Man #3: “Make sure you wrap your tool, she’s bound to have something.”

Friends the next morning:
Man #2: “Did you take her down?”
Man #1: “For sure, but now my cock is all red and itchy.”
Man #3: “I told you to wear a jimmy cap.”
by jdame February 05, 2007
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Dragon Stereotype
The phrase "Dragon" is a new Kiwi/New Zealand stereotype.
Similar to "Emo" or "Scene", the Dragon stereotype is a mix of many stereotypes, someone is a "Dragon" if they stand out in a crowd, similar to how a Dragon would stand out in a crowd of people.
Ways to pick a Dragon
-Colorful hair/Wacky outrageous hair styles
-Colorful unique/Stand out Clothes
-Possibly goth, emo or scene as long as there unlike other people and stand out.
Logan: Is that a Dragon?
Shannon: Yeah man! Look at his hair! There's five colors! And look at his clothes! There crazy colorful.
by Bigbobrocks June 28, 2009
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The garagntuan scaly beast nesting in a man's pants. Not for use when describing male genitalia of a common nature. A "Dragon" is a creature of mythical proportions. It makes a habit of desecrating virgins and maidens of all descriptions. When not wreaking fire-breathing havoc upon the world, it will lie docile in it's nest, resting upon it's Dragon Eggs, keeping them warm and ready. A true Dragon is irresistable to the ample breasted maidens of the world, and they gladly open their Dragon Caves for temporary inhabitance with little to no warning. The scent of a Dragon is evident to every female within a radius of several miles. His fire breathing nature sets women afire, with little recourse but to soothe it between the sheets of the Dragon Master.
Dude, that coffeehouse chick has been eyeing my Dragon all morning. Wait here...
by DragonMaster November 26, 2006
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