When a guy cums while getting a blowjob and shoots his load out of a woman's nose. Often occurs when timed properly. It also helps to be well endowed.
The sorority girl didnt even see it coming, as Todd gave her the dragon the first time they hooked up. She gagged a bit, but took it like a champ.

The wife knew I was going to try and dragon her, so she kept the hummer shallow.
by Chicago Joey Biscuits December 30, 2011
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You may not know it but dragons are very popular. Dragon came from the greek word meaning Draco,around 2600 bc.They have thought to be big lizards with wings and can breath fire,but they are NOT lizards.Because dragons are homiothermis(I'm not sure you spell it that way) reptiles.Thier appearence consists of a large camel shaped head with horns protruding from behind the ears.They have a long neck and very muscular legs and feet shaped like an eagles with very sharp talons/claws. They are covered in scales ranging from a deep black to a unicorn white.They have very long tails and bat-like wings(2)sprouting from just above the shoulder.They have very sharp canine teeth and forked tounges. All along thier bodies they have spines and can produce magic sometimes. A lot of people think dragons are bad but some aren't.They are mostly good,and all of them love treasure and has a habit for stealing it.
A Wyvern is a type of dragon but it's the biggest type of dragon and its' wings are it's arms.
by Scaly March 09, 2005
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Can be used as another name for the drug Heroin
"Me and the dragon... can chase all the pain away"

Quote from the song "My sweet Prince" by Placebo
by Proofofapyro April 24, 2008
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The word Dragon was traslated in 1611 from the greek word Drakon (not to be confused with Draco which is the name given a constalation of star that resemble the shape of a Drakon or Dragon) Drakon is the greek translation of the Hebrew word Tanniynim which has a broad meaning.
In hebrew literature tanniynim is used as names or synonyms of the following or as a group name for a type(kind) of creature
1. Whale or great fish
2. Sea monster/Sea serpent
3. Leviathan (Livy^ath^an)
4. large reptile
5. Behemoth (Behemot, B`hemot, Bahimuth, Bahamut)
6. large flying serpents/reptiles
7. that old serpent aka the devil, satan

the first six entries above discribe creatures, who's existance has been proven by the fossil record of the earth but which fall under a different name, one which has yet to be associated with the word Dragon, for what ever reason. That name is Dinosaur i.e. the Dragons of legend are Dinosaurs.
Dragons where assumed to be a mythological creature, however through studies of the myth compared with actual historical evidence, the myth of dragons can be best explained by giving them the name Dinosaur.
by William Harwell April 22, 2006
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