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A town in Essex County, NJ that was the ultimate cool place to grow up in the 60, 70s, and 80s. It was mostly Italian and Jewish families. Everyone knew each other.

It is still a good town, but has a much bigger feel than in the past. It is extremely diverse, yet stays segregated by neighborhood. The whole town attends one high school.

Has overpriced homes and sky-high taxes.
North Jersey, Essex County, The Oranges, West Essex, WOTown, West Orange
by JSLDthecakeman January 04, 2010
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A town located in north New Jersey, one of the many Oranges in the state. Home of Seton Hall Prep, Thomas Edison's workshop/museum, and West Orange High School, and Drama Troupe 1530. Known also as WO Town
West Orange is located in New Jersey
by Brendanofthecult November 24, 2008
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West Orange is in Essex County. This is where the 1st light bulb was made by edison homes. this Town is quite confused with the down the hill and up the hill. Normally the " white rich kids live up the hill" and the " ghetto black kids live down the hill" and they all go to the same highschool, but then again down the hill, for some of the richest kids maybe in all of new jersey live down the hill. Most kids are not origanally from West Orange either most come from east orange, newark, or even livingston. The town is filled with orthedox Jews and ghetto ass black people.t LETS JUST SAY THE TOWN IS MOTHER EFFING CONFUSED. ; they love to start drama with other towns and they also go out with a alot of kids from other town. Livingston must be their rivals of all time. South Mountain Arena is their main atraction unless you count on southmountain reservation. when you think of west orange you think of an upgrade, well think again.
You are from west orange, are you a jew , or ghetto?
by lilWO February 04, 2009
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