Jeo a guy who loves you for you....i person that will take his time with you.
Hes not that pretty but hes sweet,caring, kind hearted, athletic, funny, chill, and can also be freaky

He a person that is responsible and respectful.
(JEO)-can treat you as a queen
by Mnv. July 18, 2019
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A tech savvy, 'elite/1337' pirate of the net, who specializes in creativity in designing in 3D. Jeo is also an all around godly person who will, eventually, own google, mircrosoft and Bungie studios (and possibly bring in some ex-westwood members) and comvine these powers into a new 3D object driven central HUB for EVERYTHING.

Jeo also pwns Tab / Squarepig / Weman / Deathrunner / Gamma / all.

Jeo > all.
Okay, face it, no one here is uber enough for this...mabey if we had jeo tho...
by George Deg August 10, 2006
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A person anyone would like to be around. People named Jeo are cute and beyond friendly. They love manga, are pretty chill, and are kind-hearted. While some people might not see how much of a good friend they are, a person who actually gets to know a Jeo know exactly how nice they can be. Sometimes looks sad, but is extremely social and would talk to anyone, and can rarely be shy. They have a good personality and are very trustworthy. When a Jeo finds love, he would do anything to get them.
Yo! I just met someone. He's kind, friendly, and talks to every single person he meets. And he's super cute as well. I think his name is Jeo.
by urbandictionaryuser123456 February 5, 2022
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A little bitch who loves to manipulate and guzzle cum in his free time.
Don't be a little Jeo
by Yeet Yeet Skadeet June 4, 2019
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Noun: A sub-human form who is learned in the spanish and beaner language and but is incapable of mastery any other languages including but not limited to English. This subhuman form can be found in urban areas, leeching off smarter individuals (for example Laiza's). This "form" is often associated with bad driving and terrible spelling/grammar/

Verb: stupidity, ignorant, dumb, the act of being a terrible driver or terrible speller.
Omg, I was just in a car accident. If only the other driver wasn't so jeo!
by Monkey 888 June 2, 2011
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Ah! You’re such a jeo!! How cute
by luxie dustie July 22, 2020
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Noun- A Stranger Who you get drugs from.
Yo i just went to the park and a JEO offered me pot.
by CANDYMAN45 May 31, 2005
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