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Chubby, Fat, Well Rounded
'Have you seen Lewis' belly recently? He's definitely beginning to look a little plump.'
by MCLCLCNCJCOC123 January 28, 2017

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Rather fat, well rounded. (Especially used to describe men and their bellies)
'Oh look at the size of David's belly! He's definitely becoming more portly.'
by MCLCLCNCJCOC123 January 28, 2017

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Fat, weight. Especially referring to men.
‘Wow, you’ve gained some timber on your belly!’ (I.e. they have a big belly.)
by MCLCLCNCJCOC123 November 22, 2018

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Similar to dadbod - it refers to a man his 30s who has children and also a bit of a belly on him... Usually of more a chubby man than a full blown beer gut.
‘Looks like you’re growing a bit of a daddy tummy there! Your belly looks a bit bigger!’
by MCLCLCNCJCOC123 May 23, 2019

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A large belly or gut that sticks out, particularly on a man and hangs over his boxers.
*middle aged man with a large hairy belly walks into the living room in his boxers having just got out of bed*

'Look at that belly, you're starting to get a paunch on that gut'

*affectionately rubs and pats the big hairy belly while making fun of the man for his oversized gut*
by MCLCLCNCJCOC123 October 06, 2016

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Pudgy, chubby or a bit fat. Someone ‘doughy’ is flabby and not toned, especially around their belly.
‘Wow Elliot, you’re looking a bit doughy aren’t you? Have you been hitting the beers a bit much lately?’
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by MCLCLCNCJCOC123 August 12, 2019

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A play on ‘beach body’ - referring to someone on the beach while in a swimming costume who instead of being toned has a belly.
‘You’re rocking that beach belly man! I see you decided to give the beach body a miss this summer!’
by MCLCLCNCJCOC123 May 23, 2019

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